Today Was A Stressful Day but Got My Ticket!


UGH! UGH! Today sucked! You know how I went to the dentist yesterday? Not even 24 hours later and my tooth already re-chipped! What the heck?? I was walking on eggshells with that thing! Eggshells by the way, stronger than this stupid “fix”. So I called them back up and they said to come in. I told them to give me a couple hours. I needed bus fair. I could not find any. So I walked to the gas station to get cash out. My card was denied. Maybe I entered my pin wrong. Nope. Denied,

I tried checking my balance on m banking app: not working. I walked to the Starbucks, got on their WI-FI and checked the online banking website: Temporarily unavailable. I called my bank: Automated services temporarily unavailable. 30 minute wait to talk to someone… Something was up. I rescheduled my dental appointment for Monday and left Starbucks. In the parking lot a car started backing up into me. I put my hand out and waved the other one around while yelling “Hey! Yeah, um… I am a solid object!”. It did not stop so I made my way to the passenger window with my hands up like “what the heck”. ooooOOOooooo, she was a short lady in a huge truck, she could not even see over the steering wheel… yeah, she should definitely be driving that thing.

Then I started walking some more, I stepped off a curb hard, and landed right on a blister on my foot, the one that started forming yesterday. Yay, 1 mile (1.5 Kilometers) to go with a painful limp. It was also hot out. I made it home and ate while trying to watch a movie, but the DVD player was being stupid. I just wanted to watch a movie and relax! I just wanted to cry haha! Finally I decided to call the bank back. Waited on hold for about half an hour and finally got to some guy who spoke almost no English. The only question of mine he answered was the one I did not ask yet, the others he didn’t really get to… He was kind of just talking…

So the only good part of my day was that I woke up around 1-2am and bought my plane ticket to Ireland, yay! I am going to bed now… Today sucked.

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