Noise Sensitivity, Stress, Frustration

For the last few days I have seemed to be in a “grumpy” mood. At least that is how I FEEL… This was started by my noise sensitivity (I think), it must be getting worse, I hate it… Everything is so loud, startling, and there is so much noise in this house. Cupboards snapping shut, drawers and doors slamming shut, dishes clanking, voices, the TV, I just want to dig my ear drums out with a spoon! It’s almost inescapable! It has become a prison so now I “hide” in my room with my noise canceling headphones on like a bullet proof vest but guess what? If you are shot while wearing Kevlar your not going to die but your still going to the hospital with some broken ribs at the least. I talked to my neurologist about it and he said it is related to spasticity (sensitive startle reflex) and that there is nothing that can be done about it except prevention, avoiding loud noises. Not easy to do in a house of 6 people!

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