Loud Noises, I Have Had It!

That’s right, I can’t do it anymore! The loud noises are driving me mad! I should not feel like I am in the middle of a restaurant kitchen when my room is on the other side of the house, my door is closed, and my TV is on. I just want to toss everything made from glass and stainless steel away and buy all plastic as well as put springs on all the cupboard doors. I am not sure why people insist that the cupboards be slammed shut, I close them just fine without excessive force, I don’t understand it, I literally have no comprehension of it. I have moved my life within the confines of my bedroom, I always have the door shut and I almost never come out which is the way it’s going to stay because I can’t handle the noise and since no one understands it there is no real effort to make actual changes and I am tired of my chest hurting so I am disappearing, if I can’t make the noise go away I have to make me go away.


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