I Finally Finished Reading a Book

So it took me like a year but a nurse I had when I was in the hospital just insisted that I pick this book up, she was a huge fan, she got her book signed by the author and everything. I did not have that high of expectations for such a novel but decided to humor her and get the book. Unfortunately, I had to stop reading after a while as my vision was crumbling but the other day I finally picked it back up, I had just a few chapter left, I was so close it had been bugging me! After just two nights of reading I finished it (just now), I finally finished it, I am not offering a review here but simply stating that it feels good to have finished a book when I was so unable to see before. I hadn’t even the attention span to read a single paragraph, but now? Now I am done. So I suppose I have to start a new one soon yeah?

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