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I have not posted for a few days because I have been kind of busy with preparations for a wedding I shot on Saturday. It was a good learning experience as in, I learned how my MS is making photography work so much different than it was before. This week I might not write as much since the hard work now begins, processing all the photos and making the disk, very time consuming, so that is what I plan to do this week and then it is “get ready time” for my trip to Ireland. So much to do! By the way, my disability hearing was today where I got to sit before a judge and try to “prove” that I have/had a disability. It was… Frustrating haha…

We sat in a small room with a small table just large enough for me at the end, my attorney at the right, and a vocational expert to the left. They asked me basic questions about my history with MS, my work history, and so, I answered as technically as I could. I had no intentions of acting worse than I am to gain pity points, I am not a beggar, I can’t do that. We went back an forward on certain topics and finally the judge asked the vocational expert if a “theoretical individual” with my “disabilities” could do any work. She asked me a few questions, punched some info into her computer, waited a few seconds for it to process, and said “yes, such an individual could“. The judge asked what that individual could do specifically. She read over her computer’s results and concluded that “such an individual” could be a sewing machine operator or someone who uses a soldering iron. Umm… What? I was trying so hard not to laugh. First of all, are those jobs available anywhere as in, are they real? Sewing machine operator? 2013?.. And soldering irons? So, you think the guy with poor depth perception, unsteady hands, and poor coordination should be around a machine with a rapidly fast moving needle or a red hot piece of steel. O….K….

After all that my attorney told me it went OK but I basically presented myself as A-OK (not his words) which I told him I would, I made it clear that I am not acting like “poor me”to try to simply win, I don’t want disability for now, just for when I actually was disabled, that’s it. Then he told me “well it doesn’t really matter, you didn’t technically qualify anyway”, this was because based on the time I worked and how long ago it was, I was only eligible for disability until 2011 or in other words, I should have been disabled earlier, I am not eligible to need help anymore. Now Instead of waiting to find out if I GAIN something I am waiting to find out if I will LOOSE something because now I am worried the judge will put a stop on my social security income which I am living on right now. I want to go back to work but I am not ready right this second and even if I was I could not get a job and get paid in time to pay my upcoming bills! I never wanted to go to this stupid thing but it was insisted that I did go. I knew nothing good would come of it but I didn’t know something bad would come of it. I could have been in Ireland right now but I mainly postponed it one extra month for this. Awesome.

I might not be too active this week since I have so much work to do with this wedding shoot and getting ready to leave. Finally!

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  • February 26, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    My parter went to the judge three months go and still waiting decision. He was told he could work at Blue Diamond Almonds and pull the bad almonds off the conveyor belt as they went by. Yeah right. Not driving, Double vision, fatigue, and bladder issues no problem. Plus Blue Diamond is an hour away. Keep up your sense of humor.

  • March 11, 2013 at 8:19 am

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