Rehab: Going Home & Still Recovering

 photo wheelchair302_n_zpsb6fd1607.jpg 

I remember packing my stuff and getting my room and myself all cleaned up and ready to go. I sat there in my wheelchair waiting to be discharged which took all day but I was used to being patient. They signed my paperwork and I was off. It felt good to leave that building behind me and sure, I would miss some of the people there but that was not holding me back, I was going home and happy for it!

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Tysabri Infusion #3 – Getting Easier

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Today I had my third infusion of Tysabri. My neurologist made note that “this stuff hasn’t even kicked in yet” and I am doing so well, so I think I will continue to see improvement so long as I keep working at it all. I think he put me at a 2.5 on the disability scale he uses which is better than I thought I would ever be, 2.5 is basically “not disabled”, so that makes me happy! I am SO glad I stopped seeing Dr. Sagert!

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