Rehab: Let’s Get Started

  I was now in physical rehab at Loma Linda. I had a private room and everything I could ever want to enjoy that I could not actually enjoy… I think at first I did not realize just how bad it was, I was not thinking about how long I may be there, how difficult my recovery would be, or how much I actually had to recover. I was a bit distracted by the fact that I could not really move and I was in horrible pain. They did some MRI’s to see what was going on, my brain, neck, and upper spine. The disease had moved to my spinal cord which was why it was hitting me so hard. It had also gone crazy in my brain, I mean, check out the before and after pictures, you don’t need any kind of education to know that something was not right there… They started me off slow, I don’t remember with what exactly, but I know I rested for a few days and then started my rehabilitation program with various occupational therapists (OT’s), physical therapists (PT’s), and speech therapists. Everyday a group of doctors (or students) following a neurologist walked in and checked me out, poked at me, lifted limbs, etc. It was a teaching hospital so I had to get used to all the students using me to learn. Eventually it was second nature; they walked in, I showed them my heel to shin, tested my clonus and spasticity. “Can you feel this? How about this? Sharp or dull?”, the basic routine. After they left I would see one of my therapist for about an hour or so, then they would leave, I would have about an hour brake, then another one would come in and we would resume basic stretching or practice putting on my socks or brushing my teeth.

(Top) Before – August 2010
(Bottom) After – February 2012

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