Today Was A Stressful Day but Got My Ticket!


UGH! UGH! Today sucked! You know how I went to the dentist yesterday? Not even 24 hours later and my tooth already re-chipped! What the heck?? I was walking on eggshells with that thing! Eggshells by the way, stronger than this stupid “fix”. So I called them back up and they said to come in. I told them to give me a couple hours. I needed bus fair. I could not find any. So I walked to the gas station to get cash out. My card was denied. Maybe I entered my pin wrong. Nope. Denied,

I tried checking my balance on m banking app: not working. I walked to the Starbucks, got on their WI-FI and checked the online banking website: Temporarily unavailable. I called my bank: Automated services temporarily unavailable. 30 minute wait to talk to someone… Something was up. I rescheduled my dental appointment for Monday and left Starbucks. In the parking lot a car started backing up into me. I put my hand out and waved the other one around while yelling “Hey! Yeah, um… I am a solid object!”. It did not stop so I made my way to the passenger window with my hands up like “what the heck”. ooooOOOooooo, she was a short lady in a huge truck, she could not even see over the steering wheel… yeah, she should definitely be driving that thing.

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