Yay! New Glasses and Fixed My Laptop!

So I finally can see again! I got my new glasses today and wow, I can see the clock from my desk again! I could not even see it from my bed the other night and I specificity put it there to easily see the time from be for when I wake up in the middle of e night! So I am very happy about that especially with the deal I got!

I also got my new motherboard in the mail for my laptop which got wet over my trip to LA so I worked on that yesterday. It has been running in pieces on my desk, I actually had to turn it on with a screwdriver by connecting some pins on the motherboard!  Glad I have experience working on computers! 

So I put in the new motherboard which allowed me to fix the power button, keyboard, track pad, the webcam, and the audio jack, so now it’s a fully functional computer again! I just need to do some cosmetic work but that can wait. It was a little frustrating dealing with the tiny screws and what not so it took me a bit longer but I did it, it’s done, everything works, and I did not have to pay a small fortune to have a shop do it. Score! Now I need to try to sell the old motherboard on Ebay for parts/repair to help pay for some of the damage. Not in nearly as deep as I thought I would be luckily! 

Alright, my health, it’s much better than the other day, especially now that I can see! I am still a little dizzy when I move but no more spinning when I simply sit! My gate is improving and once I really start walking around I will be much better but when I have just been sitting here all day it’s hard to gauge it all you know?

Something I should mention, I am noticing that I am having more muscle spasms than usual. My hand and shoulder will just jerk when I am laying down which makes sleeping rather hard. Just as well, my hands will jerk while I am trying to type making my hand jump and hit the wrong keys or double tap a key. It is annoying as h-h-heck.

By the way, I have slowly been updating the blog. Slowly but surely. So as you can see on the top right is a slideshow of some of my photography work and a link to my photography website. I also worked on the graphics in the About Me, Learn About MS, and Living With MS sections. I also cleaned up my Symptom page, my Treatment page, and the Q&A Page. Lastly I added two pages, “I Did What?” and “MS & Tech” which still needs some updating but it’s a work in progress and hopefully will bring you some fun! Oh yeah, I also fixed the MS Store, I do not have T-shirts, but I am still selling MS IS BS bracelets!

Thanks for reading and take care!

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