Just Been Walking


Yeah, I can walk pretty well now, have not been using my cane even! Testing uneven surfaces, just… walking. Feels good… Wonder how well I will be for my trip to Ireland? I would show you more of ME walking but I am keeping that on the down low for now so that when I go to Ireland, that will be the first she sees of me actually walking haha… Shhhh….. Here are some pictures from my walk today, I will write more tomorrow, busy day. Take care!


6 Responses to Just Been Walking

  1. Larry says:

    Good for you Matt!

  2. wonlife says:

    i went with my family to ireland in 2011 – spent a week in the south, mostly in dingle. when we arrived at the airport, i discovered that the footrests for my wheelchair were at home in the garage. we begged a length of twine from a vendor at a farmer's market, and off we went. even tho the terrain in dingle was not particularly wheelchair friendly, i was ready to apply for citizenship (my grandmother was 100% irish) and move. i hope you have a gas. where in ireland are you going?

  3. Matt Allen G says:

    Man that sounds… Adventurous? Lol and gas? What do you mean? I will be staying in Dublin most the time and visiting Sligo for a couple of days. Any tips for someone without an Irish relative getting citizenship? Email me if so 🙂 mattalleng@yahoo.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    To have a gas = to have fun, a good time… You better start learning irish slang.. 😀

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol I did not realize that was Irish slang haha and I am American, so isn't the world supposed to revolve around ME? Metric? Pft, learn "standard" and English while your at it! Haha jk by the way, I hate that mentality, so I try to learn all I can! :p

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