I Went For A Walk. Yup.

So today I decided to try going for a walk, I have been stuck inside for like a week and thanks to the dizziness I have just been sitting here going crazy. I needed to just move around and today I felt well enough to try a walk. I am still a tad dizzy but only when I move too fast pretty much… Anyways, I decided to go left instead of right and explore this neighborhood a bit instead of taking my usual path. Little did I know our neighborhood leads right to the park I used to go to! I wanted to relax a bit but instead, well, it go interesting lol…

I took a few pictures, walked around a bit, even braved a slanted dirt path! So intense! This park has a couple of baseball fields that are typically occupied by little girl’s softball teams but there are some nice little spots of nature around the field area. I sat down under a tree and prepared to relax when some little kids started running around me yelling and screaming so I decided to get up and leave. I had snapped a few pictures so that was good enough for now.

I started walking back but decided to sit at a bench for a while and just enjoy the nice day. I was texting and some guy was standing across from me looking in my direction so I sort of acted like I did not see him as I was unsure what he was up to and was watching him out of the corner of my eye. When I set my phone away he approached me. He told me that he just wanted to let me know there was a man hiding in the woman’s bathroom right next to us. He was a Dad from the softball team so he was just standing watch till the cops showed up. 3 of the Dad’s from the team were cops and they were on their way up.

OK… This was… Interesting… A woman approached me asking if I had seen some guy on a bike hanging around here. I said no because I was not really looking. She walked towards the bathroom and stopped at the door with another guy, I assumed they were both parents from one of the teams. They peered in and started talking to the guy inside but I could not hear what they were saying. I heard “not supposed to be in here”, “Get Out”, “Cops”, so I figured they were trying to coax him out.

A few minutes later a man walked out with a bike next to the adults who I assumed were parents. They stood next to the bathroom a bit closer to me but I still could not hear their conversation. I looked away for a second and heard what I figured was his bike hit the floor. A loud metallic crash. I turned my head to see his bike on the ground and the guy running away being chased by one of the parents. Then two more men rushed by me after him, then a few more parents, then a few more. It was like half the field was after this guy!

A group of Mom’s stayed behind near me. They were still too far to hear clearly, plus they were all talking over each other, but from what I heard, they had been asking him questions, asked for his ID, and then he bolted. The cops were still on their way, supposedly, and they even sent a helicopter, supposedly. I do not know if they ever caught him as I decided to just go home after 15 minutes because I didn’t want to wait for a couple hours to hear the gossip when I am sure it might be on the news or internet or something.

So yeah, what a walk! Never a dull moment in Moreno Valley! This is the life I have been missing out on?!?!?

4 thoughts on “I Went For A Walk. Yup.

  • January 8, 2013 at 3:59 am

    matts big adventure lol. have u been experimenting with any homeopathic stuff recently? Keep doing so until u find something that works for you! Information is power! i would always be trying to learn new things in that realm if i were you. nice to see ur doing better!


  • January 8, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Kinda and kinda not haha. I realist for me, that my cure is probably not in pill form. So Tysabri keeps me from getting worse and simple moving, eating well, and avoiding stress makes me better, MAINLY.


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