I Went for a REAL Walk!


So today I had planned on waking up early and working out but… that didn’t happen… So I decided once I had got my day going to go for a walk. I was going to go to the park again but after about 45 seconds of walking I decided that I wanted to really see what I could do. I was going to walk to the store. I went back home, put my camera back, and I left.

I took just a couple breaks. On the way I stopped to check out a park I had never noticed before. I drove past it all the time but because it was tucked away and I never really looked I never saw it! So I sat there for a bit and just looked around and contemplated. I started walking again and made my way to Target where I had coffee at the Starbucks inside and then I bought some glue for a small project of mine. Then I just left and decided to take a different route home.

Half way back I sat for a bit because my abdomen/back was getting tense. My legs were not so bad surprisingly! I finished the walk and looked up the distance of my walk on my computer, 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) in about an hour and a half. Not bad huh? So that was the highlight of my day! Walking around I though “Life is no longer so bad, thing are finally getting better” and I tried not to smile around all the people going about their business as I went about mine.

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