I Did Nothing Today, Well, Almost

I forgot to mention, I
created a new Facebook Page which you can see by clicking RIGHTHERE. I am retiring my stem cell page since I do not plan on
doing the stem cell thing anymore. So be sure to like my new page!
You can easily “Like” Matt’s MS by clicking the like button on
the top left of this blog! As you can see, I am trying to integrate
Facebook with my blog since most my “MS Work” is done on
Facebook. OK, so, yeah… I need to take it easy today even though
all I want to do is yard work. Work work work! I CAN’T SIT STILL!
Well I will try to take it easy today and do some computer work. It’s
hard because I have sat around doing a bunch of nothing for about a
year! Now that I can do stuff again. It’s like getting a kid a new
toy, they just want to play with it and I just want to be active! 

I did stop by the church
and dropped off some clothes in the donation boxes there. Why throw
them out because they don’t fit or I decided I don’t like them when
they might fit someone else or maybe better fit their taste!? My
wardrobe is clearing up, now I need some new stuff to wear! It has
been a while since I bought clothes!
So I was thinking today,
there are a bunch of little things I can do now that I could not do
before and I am still discovering things all the time. So here is a
list of what I have so far noticed, not all easy, but I can still do
  • I am not sure when I
    last used a cane.
  • I can walk on my
  • I can walk on my
  • I can turn my head
    left/right/up/down while I walk.
  • I can drink a glass
    of water while I walk.
  • I can hop.
  • I can balance on one
  • I can shower standing
  • I can get dressed
    standing up.
  • I can kick a ball.
Random I know but it
crossed my mind…
So yeah, I did a lot of
nothing today, like I said, was trying to recharge my batteries, I
feel… No different lol. I at least watered the grass, plants, and
cut some dead leave off some bush we have. Other than that… I did
nothing… So I guess I will leave it at that.. Oh, I did update the
“I Did What?” page so be sure to check that out and I am working
on a list of things I just HATE about MS haha so I might post that in
a bit! If I do I will add a link HERE!

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  • January 23, 2013 at 3:31 am

    My FB post to your "I Did Nothing Today, Well, Almost " turned up on MY FB page.


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