I am Doing Pretty Well I Think


What a weekend! I am so tired but not because of my MS, I am tired because I have been work-work-working! I worked on the garage all day Saturday with my parents, moved everything out, organized, threw stuff away, cleaned, etc. Today I worked on the backyard all day. I can’t remember the last time I was tired because I should be instead of being tired because of MS… I think I can say I am getting better finally!

So like I said, today was back yard time. I moved some stepping stones into place but did not set them yet. I transplanted an Aloe Vera plant from one side of the yard to another where the Bird of Paradise used to be. I started working on my gate to the garden and I also started working on a path to the garden. Cleared the weeds, flattened the dirt, laid down some plastic. some bricks, and then buckets and buckets of stone. I am a little sore from all the shoveling and lifting but it feels good! I also put up a white piece of lattice in place of the chicken wire I had up to keep the dogs away from the A/C units. Oh yeah, I put in a pipe with some holes next to the orange tree for better watering, cleaned out the drain thingy, and I potted some more Aloe Vera that was sprouting next to the main plant. I got a decent amount done I would say for a dude who was in and out of a wheelchair 6 months ago, maybe not even that long?

My balance is obviously way better and my endurance as well! Usually I get tired after five minutes of light work and if I pushed myself like this I would relapse but looks like I am doing ok. My vision is a tad better (I think) and so is my strength. I have not used my cane in a while as well, my walking is way better, just some core issues for now. I think since I have not been walking much and doing all that I am doing all year my core strength just died! I will fix that, but either way, things are finally turning around! So I am happy for that!

Ummm… I am pretty tired right now but I was tired all day, before I even started to work. It’s like if I keep moving I am good but as soon as I stop I start shutting down. I think I have to go actually, I am having a hard time typing and thinking but I just wanted to do a quick update. I will try to write more in depth tomorrow! Take care!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is SO awesome Matt! You did so much! It all looks amazing (except for the Black Widow)! It's so great that you are feeling better!

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    lol yes, i am happy. Hopefully soon I will be even better! I know I will! Thanks!

  3. Larry says:

    It's good for us to get out and do things. Cleaned my garage out too Sunday. I was hoping to get more things done, but didn't happen. I need to get word for my new laptop too.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I agree, like that commercial; says, "a body in motion stays in motion and a body at rest stays at rest" haha

  5. Larry says:

    That's FUN!

  6. Congratulations, Matt! It's great that you did something so creatively and physically stimulating during your time feeling well. And I'm glad it didn't push you into a relapse! It sounds like you are very attuned to your body and would listen to if it it told you to rest or pause.

    By "better," do you mean going into a remission?

  7. Matt Allen G says:

    I do feel like I have learned to "listen" to it very well! 😀

  8. S Yemai says:

    Hello, I just watched your video on shortness of breath and I am just having the same problem lately. Its weird…. today am going for MRI scan and I feel like hmm not doing it, I hate hospitals… I like the work you have done in the garden.

  9. S Yemai says:

    Hello, I just saw your video on shortness of breath and I am having the same problem lately and going for an MRI scan today although I feel like not doing it, I hate hospitals…I liked the work you have done on the garden.. pretty neat

  10. Hi! If shortness of breath is your only symptom then it's probably not MS which is extra good for you since MS means LOTS of hospital visits haha. I would just go in, don't skip it, they ordered it for a reason!

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