Tysabri Round 2 and Photoshoots

Photobucket  Sorry! I disappeared again, this week was rough but not because of my MS. I had a bit of an ear thing going on but I went to the doctor’s today and it’s all better! So anyways, much catching up to do… Monday was my second Tysabri infusion! That took up an entire day, the ear thing just made me miserable, and oh yeah, I have some photoshoots lined up, so that kept me busy this week because I had to fix up the ol’ website after all!

First, let’s go over Monday, the Tysabri infusion. So I saw my neurologist right before my infusion and he was impressed with my recovery progress because “the Tysabri has not even really kicked in yet”. So that made me happy! He put me back on Baclofen for spasticity and is sending me another round of ACTH so hopefully between all this I can improve much more! It’s crazy how far I have come this year, I remember feeling hopeless, but all it took was a new doctor, nothing extreme, and now I am like a million and two times better! I want to send my old neurologist a letter, she said “How ever you are in 6 months is probably the best you will get”. Yeah, ummm… WRONG!

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