I Went For A Walk. Yup.

So today I decided to try going for a walk, I have been stuck inside for like a week and thanks to the dizziness I have just been sitting here going crazy. I needed to just move around and today I felt well enough to try a walk. I am still a tad dizzy but only when I move too fast pretty much… Anyways, I decided to go left instead of right and explore this neighborhood a bit instead of taking my usual path. Little did I know our neighborhood leads right to the park I used to go to! I wanted to relax a bit but instead, well, it go interesting lol…

I took a few pictures, walked around a bit, even braved a slanted dirt path! So intense! This park has a couple of baseball fields that are typically occupied by little girl’s softball teams but there are some nice little spots of nature around the field area. I sat down under a tree and prepared to relax when some little kids started running around me yelling and screaming so I decided to get up and leave. I had snapped a few pictures so that was good enough for now.

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