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Man, I have so much I want to write about but I can not seem to get on top of my blog! I always feel too overwhelmed (or lazy) to write! I hate it! I could not sit in front of the computer yesterday, it was like I was just too anxious, I could not sit still! So I went outside and worked on my garden area and started getting ready to lay down some stepping stones, I just had to move! Speaking of moving, I have been keeping up with my walking, so that is going well! But man, I hate this noise sensitivity, I wish I could find out some good information on it but so far it is looking like I am out of luck!

Plates, pots, pans, knocking, clanking, clashing, voices, car horns, ticking, tapping, so many sounds! Everything can be so loud and the sudden noises make my heart jump! It can be painful at times! Nothing makes me feel stupider than walking by the road, hearing a car honk, and jumping a mile, almost tripping because the sound just makes my muscles lock up. What the heck? I was not like this before! I had almost no “scare reflex”, I was the guy in the movie theater who did not jump when a scary image accompanied by a loud sound jumped out at the audience and now? The smallest things make me jump! I am so tired of that feeling deep in my chest, sometimes I think “Yeah, my heart is actually going to stop,” it’s kind of pathetic and frustrating at best… So I am still looking into that and when I get my new SD card for my camera I will make a video showing what this symptom is like from my perspective.

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Help Kane Out PLEASE! Like his Page or Donate! 

 HEY EVERYONE! I just wanted to take the time to share a page for my friend Kane who has Multiple Sclerosis and is saving for stem cells! Let’s help him out! Even if we can’t donate we are online and it take 2 seconds to “like” a page on Facebook and 6 seconds to share a page. Let’s see if you can get ONE friend to “like” his cousin’s page for him, I challenge you! She is spending one week in a wheelchair to raise money for his cause so the least you can do is get ONE friend to like her page for him! Thanks!

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