I Lost My Glasses…


Who needs to see anyways?? Haha… Two and a half year without incident but finally, among the errands of, well, life I suppose, I lost them. I was in line at the post office and I took them off clipping them to my collar. Then we left and stopped at the car wash across the street. Waited, waited, waited. Then I needed to read something so I reached down to grab my glasses. … … … Noting was there…

We asked around the car wash a bit, but nope, no one had seen them. We went back to the post office and nope, no luck there either. We checked inside the car, under the seat, in the side pockets, the glove box, we even checked the parking lot! No broken frames or glass either! Looks like I need to buy some new glasses great, no vision insurance either! I mean it’s not like super expensive, $150.00 USD for the frames and lens, but still, that is $150 I do not have right now since I am trying to set up that trip! But I need to see! Just my luck… So that bummed me out… Broken laptop, camera, and lost glasses. Great luck this past month with my personal possessions lol!

3 thoughts on “I Lost My Glasses…

  • December 31, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Hey Matt, I also think MS sucks! I have been diagnosed six years at the age of 46. Ancient to you! 🙂 I'm sure I had it for years, my neurologist (and dear friend) just didn't want to diagnose it. I'm sorry you were hit so young.

    I watched your video and I'm writing with two suggestions that worked for me. 1) if you haven't already, try prisms in your glasses. I currently have six prisms in each eye. Vision is fair 2) try doing cognitive games on Nintendo or iPad. It's hard to know how much they help since we can't measure what it would have been without them, but it makes me feel less like a victim and more like a warrior.

    Best wishes to you and squeeze the joy out of each day because we sure don't know what tomorrow brings!

  • January 1, 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Hi! I was looking into prisms but mostly deal with optic neuritis (with vision) so regular glasses do just fine. I play lots of puzzle games on my phone but I don't know… THAT is a whole other issue!

    Oh and Joey, I got some on sale, lenses and frames were %60! Way better than $150!


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