Slow Week, STRESS, And Not Much Done


Ugh! This week’s plans
fell apart fast! Got one part right, it was slow, but not because I
was busy on my blog. I was busy killing time at school and then I was
too tired at the end of the day to do, well, anything. I forgot to
set up a ride with Dial-A-Ride on Monday and had to get dropped off
at like 7:00am for a 2:20-3:45pm class and then wait to get picked up
around 5:00pm, DOH! Was also overpaying them, it’s $3.00 a ride, not
$6.00, but that was my fault and they do not check how much you put
in the box. DOH!

So I did a lot of napping
this week and I upgraded my fish tank to a 10 gallon and I got a
water filter, tank heater, new gravel, and 3 new fish to stay with
female Betta. I forgot the type already, I think they are some kind
of Tetra. The first water heater I got did not work so today I
exchanged it for a new one and it works pretty well, been a couple
hours and already went from 70f to 80f. Yay! Then I put in rocks from
the river in Forest Falls, I am not going to pay like $100.00 USD
for something I can get for free. I tested them, no worries, they are
safe. With some new FAKE plants it’s looking good. Oh yeah, also got
a tank divider since the male Betta does not seem so social haha. No
more separate 1 gallon tanks that shared 1 light, now it looks decent

Let’s see, my memory is so
bad, I hate this… I had a bit more pain than usual yesterday,
shooting nerve pain, burning as if I was being poked with hot metal
bar, something else but I forgot. So again, I layed down, no pain

Oh yeah, got a new shower
head, still low flow but nicer then just a standard valve head thing.
Bought some candles so now before I go to bed I try to de-stress a
bit, not focus on anything, just darkness, a candle light, and the
sensation of water drops hitting my skin. Nice and simple.
Oh duh! I had like a panic
attack or something the other day. I just felt stressed and like I
was late to go somewhere. My chest actually hurt and my heart rate
was slightly elevated. It was concerning as I had never experienced
that before, but I was not freeking out, I always stay calm. I just
tried to sleep and not think about it. If it did not ease up I was
going to take a benzodiazepine but I did not have to. Been OK the
last couple of days but I feel like my stress is like water in a
glass full to the edge and just a few drops added to it is enough to
make it spill over… So I seriously need to figure out what kind of
stress relief works for me… I have tried so much, even got hooked
up to a computer program in rehab that was controlled by stress
levels. So I can control it but not make it go away, and suppression
is bad…
I can not WAIT to see my
neurologist, I want Botox so bad! My spasticity has been horrible on
and off all week and that’s even after working out, stretching,
Baclofen, everything. One minute I can walk around back yard (today I went out and did some light cleaning, never felt so good to sweep haha) and next
minute my legs feel stiff as boards! If this ONE symptom would go
away my life would be significantly better… I could deal with
everything else if the spasticity was gone…
Well, I will try to talk
about what ever I left out tomorrow, always something, but I am not
going in early to do lab hours so I will try to use that time to
Yay I voted! By mail! Haha…

4 thoughts on “Slow Week, STRESS, And Not Much Done

  • November 5, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Good for you for having the energy to put together your new fish tank! I would probably either get the fish first and forgot I don't have a tank….or get the tank all ready and forget to get the fish to put in it!!!!!!

    Voting too! So what if you mailed it. You did it. I saw YOU! ha ha ha That takes mental energy to get any task done.

  • November 5, 2012 at 10:29 pm

    Hi Matt, I posted this comment too late(your last post)
    it's off topic, but was wondering about you eyesight. Are you still bothered by double vision, I hope not

  • November 5, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    sorry for being political here, but who you vote for will DIRECTLY affect you if you have MS. Those of us who have delt with the current health care system KNOW that Obama will be the better choice for MSers.


  • November 6, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Yeah, I did forget several times my new fish were in my bag so I banged them around a bit lol….

    Vision – No, doubled vision cleared up but left minor ataxia. that is gone now as well, optic nuritus is not too too bad,wanted to get new glasses because a few days ago they did not help… Today they kind of do. So not sure what to do…

    Haha, politics, bad bad bad, but yes, been following closely, hoping I do not need to leave the country because I can not afford meds without insurance….


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