Oscillopsia – Starting to Walk Without a Cane?



OK. let’s slow down a bit.
About 2 weeks ago, before I relapsed, I was comfortably
walking inside and outside without a cane for maybe 2 days. Then I
relapsed and was in a wheelchair and hardly able to stand… Since
then I have been religious about working out, stretching, taking all
my medication/supplements, eating good meals, and getting good sleep
as well as doing all that I can to avoid stress. It is working great!
I am just about where I was before my relapse! Hope I don’t speak too

((knock on wood))

Really quick, before I
forget, I was going through some paperwork from my last neurology
visit and I found the name of that eye thing I had! “Oscillopsia”,
time to add it to the list! That seems to be just about gone, well,
it is, just some optic neuritis left I think.

So the walking. Yes, maybe
not doing uneven surfaces yet and I need to rebuild some strength as
well as coordination but I am almost there, yay! My balance is
getting a tad better but that is slow. Doing the fun ol’ vestibular
exercises right now to try to speed that up a bit…

Oh yeah, I didn’t think this
was MS related but now that I am looking around I think it is: neck
pain. It feels like I pulled a muscle and hurts pretty bad when I
yawn… Wonder if this is some form of spasticity or something
totally unrelated? I am going to try to take Ibuprofen and see if
that helps, I am so sick of Norco and Percocet, they do nothing

Random: I am trying to find
some sort of widget that I can put on my blog that will show my
current symptoms. If you know of one please let me know! If you can
make one email me and we will work on this!


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