Oscillopsia Flared Up, Trying to Stay Off Computer


OK, my vision has not been great this week which is why I have not been on. Reading is hard and when I can read I probably shouldn’t as not to strain my eyes while they “heal”. Oscillopsia is so far the worst vision issue I have experienced because there is nothing I can do about it! Although, getting around is not difficult, it just keeps me off the computer mostly, so maybe it’s good haha? The point is, I have had to keep busy off the computer and I got a lot done, maybe too much! I have to be careful as it’s hard to not keep pushing and going,  but so far so good (I think).

http://www.mattsms.comI have been doing a lot of little things, cleaning, steam vacuuming the carpet, taking out the trash, etc. Yesterday I think I reached my limit. I didnt flare but I could feel that I was starting to push it, plus my legs were kind of sore! So I tried to relax and go to sleep on time and all of that fun stuff!

So what did I do? Well, some of the main things: I braced my tilting bookshelf of death to the wall finally… There were no studs where my shelf was so I put a piece of plywood in between both studs and then attached the book shelf to that. It works. I of course painted the plywood green like my wall which was interesting with an unsteady hand, but it was not too bad, I liked it! I usually hate painting! Parts of it at least! Anyways, I just took my time, what is the rush anyways?


 After accidentally knocking over my clothes rack I decided I might as well take off all the clothes and try to figure out why I could not extend the top rack. I knew that it had to, it made no sense! As I was about to settle for drilling a hole for the pop out button thing (Sorry, tech term ;^p) I realized it was simple, the bottom bars were put in upside down! I switched them around and bingo! It extended and it now looks way nicer! It was kind off tacky before if you ask me… I had a lot more room to work with so I put all my clothes back up on the rack and moved some off my stuff from my drawers to the rack, that’s so much better! I took a few pairs of jeans that do not really fit anymore and put them aside along with a hat, I will try to drop them in the donation box when I can.


What else… Oh yeah, the stepping stones that lead to the stone path in the backyard were spaced really wide so I never used them when trying to get to the trash cans. I had bought a bunch of stepping stones for my “garden in progress” a few weeks ago. So I pulled the old ones out of the ground and tried to reset everything so the steps were not so far apart. Problem was, the dirt was too hard! Luckily it rained last nigh so I hope the dirt softens up otherwise I can not do it yet… I think I mentioned this before but I am finding the key is to not get frustrated because “I can’t do this as easily as I could before” but instead look at it like progress, “I could not do this a week ago but now I can, in another week who knows!”. It’s a much better mindset and now I enjoy doing all the stuff I used to hate because I can actually do something!


Oh, I almost forgot, I put up curtains on my TV stand so that at night I can shut them and just listen to the TV without the light keeping me up. I just used one of those extendable curtain rods and shortened some curtains my mom had made for a shelving unit I had at our old house. No I did not sew them, we used liquid stitch. I HATE glue! I would rather use a sewing machine but it came out OK, it sure does look better then a T-Shirt thrown over my TV!

I did lots of other things like phone calls, faxes, some computer work to make some cash for my up coming trip (Leaving Saturday yay!), laundry, cleaning, weeds, cleaned my fish tank, shopping, etc, etc. Feels good to be busy! Not the same as busy a year ago but when you have spent most of the year laying down (sometimes in a hospital) it feels good to just do something normal. I am still very on top of my stretching but I stopped the bike today since I will not have it for the week I am gone, so I have been slowly working on actual walks, not far because I am worried I will push myself too far. But walking is nice too! Especially in this weather!

Well, I am not sure when I will next post, I am trying to stay off the computer right now because of my vision. I am hoping I get that ACTH before I leave on Saturday, if not, I will just have to take it when I get back… I start Tysabri on the 12th by the way!Well, I will talk to you guys later! Hope you had a wonderful holiday (for those of you in the states)!

9 Responses to Oscillopsia Flared Up, Trying to Stay Off Computer

  1. Brenda G says:

    Matt love the curtain idea for the tv, your Uncle Bobby must
    have the tv on to fall asleep at night so this would be great! Wow it sounds like you have been very productive! Great job listening to your body. Hope this break helps improve your vision.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes I need the sound to keep my brain from going nutz but the light inhibits the production of melatonin which is not good for insomnia. So this is a win win haha!

  3. Frances says:

    Hey, stay off the computer, dude. Well, you said it 🙂

  4. Maddie says:

    Hi there – I am a writer with Everydayhealth.com (6 million readers monthly!) working on an article about sensory overload and MS. I have a deadline of tomorrow EOD!!! So if you have any thoughts about sensory overload – managing bright lights, loud sounds, hyperstimulation in general – please let me know! Our readers would appreciate any tips you can provide. Also, a little about you would be great – how old you are, when you were diagnosed, symptoms etc. Thanks in advance! you can reach me at madeline.vann@gmail.com

  5. Anonymous says:

    hey matt are you back? im dodging tornadoes in FL (gulp)


  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes, back finally, laptop broke, so sorry for late reply! I am emailing you right now Maddie!

  7. Joey says:

    your December 13 2012 post or anything after that does not display now on my kindle fire. : (

    Is there a new formatt or code you switched to? Google said it was by publisher.
    let me know.

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    No, I have not changed a thing! Where are you located in the world? Some of my international readers seam to be having issues, I have to redo it all anyways but it will take time… boooo! Sorry! Will get on it ASAP!

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