Horrible Gate, Vision, and Balance



I am home now, let me tell you where I am at more or less. I had some
pretty bad spasticity the other day (before I left town), so bad that
sitting down I saw my quads twitching as if I had a tens machine
hooked up to my legs, it was really weird. My right foot wanted to
pull outwards which made trying to walk extra awkward. Stress = BAD.
But that calmed down a bit luckily.

vision went out the window along with my balance. I have experienced
Optic Neuritis, a blind spot, Diplopia (Doubled vision), Nystagmus,
6th Nerve Palsy, and now this, Still can’t remember what
it is called, “Ocipa-” -something… I will try to look into it
tomorrow. Everything is shaky, almost like vertigo, sometimes I feel
really sick and that never happens to me… Not like I can do much, I
just want to know. Between that and my vestibular issues I can hardly
stand. I take a few steps and then down I go, usually on the bed or
carpet so no harm yet…
I should mention I saw my neurologist yesterday, he was in a bit of a
hurry as he was running late and sounded like he had a lot of
patients so I kept it brief. Basically, he wrote me a scrip for
another round of ACTH and he is really eager to get my Tysabristarted on the 12th of December 2012. Just need to go in
and do blood work soon, simple, I don’t mind going in again, I like
that building, it is very nice!
really can not wait to start that Tysabri and see what it can do for
me. I have had so many symptoms for so long that it all just feels
normal, I do not even think of most of them when asked what symptoms
I have, just too many! I just want to walk on my own again, see
better, and think a little more clearly you know? Time will tell,
it’s just so hard to work so much and then loose everything you have
gained all in a second leaving me with no choice but to start all
yeah, random, but my neck has been rather tight like I pulled a
muscle, but it has been weeks! Comes and goes, I feel like I can not
turn my head as much as I should be able to, yawning hurts! What the
heck? Oh well, I have so much else to worry about! One thing at a
time… ACTH soon, heal, blood work, Tysabri, and oh oh oh, I need to
get my video rig back up and running for youtube! Will try soon!
Maybe tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Horrible Gate, Vision, and Balance

  • November 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm

    A chiropractor will fix your neck good and proper. Osteopaths did nothing to help that pain.

  • November 19, 2012 at 1:12 am

    Well it is not usually much of an issue, feels like a good massage will do the trick but chiropractor is next on the list haha


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