Doing Basic House Life Again

I don’t want to speak too soon but I am starting to feel better day
by day. I made a new workout routine for the week (may not look much
different but little things are big things when it comes to physical
fitness now…). I got back into my normal sleeping habit and I think
it will not be long before I am back to where I was a couple weeks
ago, so, yeah…. I am titanium. “You beat me down, but I won’t
fall, I am Titanium”.

really have not been doing much but trying to heal, working out,
staying on top of my medicine, my supplements, eating, resting here
and there, staying active with a to-do list, and writing! So I feel a
lot better and my vision is improving – you know what? Aw man, I
forgot to find out about that Acthar! Oh well, tomorrow. I did clean
my room, make my bed, take out my trash, do my laundry, watch some
disability preparation DVD thing for my hearing in February, work on
faxing some stuff to my doctor for Dial-a-Ride, and called the people
down at Tysabri. Wow, felt like so much more haha! Yeah, like I said,
sometimes small things feel like huge tasks…
way I was in bed for a few days not moving at all just last week! Now
I am turning around, avoiding stress, and rehabilitating myself. I
had to drop my class at RCC (the local junior college) because I fell
way behind after missing so much class but that class was just
something to do, I did not really need it. Yeah, I am disappointed
that I had to drop it but it’s in no way shape or form the end of the
world, I have to focus on my health now. I am going on a mini trip in
2 weeks up to LA with a friend who is flying in from Ireland. So I
look forward to that but I want to get so much better! I want to be
where I was a couple weeks ago! I need this so bad, I need the
outing, the fun, all of it, I need it. I have been saving for this a
bit but I do not have much saved up at all haha.
I am going to go now, I want to work on another article and work on
some pictures Updated Spasticity picture already). But as you can see, I am doing a tad better, wish me

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