Feeling Better But After This Who Knows…


So far I feel pretty good
today. I did not sleep great last night which I think is because I no
longer have a fountain running at night for white noise. When I wake,
I am awake, it’s so hard to fall back to sleep… I did get a new
fountain the other day but I bought a cheap one and did not realize
it was battery operated… No wonder it was cheap… Not sure what I
will do because apparently it does me a lot of good but the batteries
do not last. Music is too distracting and my TV turns off after 1.5 –
2 hours (also have a towel over it to block the light). I will figure
it out, maybe I can wire a plug to it if the voltage is right… Not
sure I have the fine motor skills or patients for this kind of task
anymore but we will see haha. By the way, anyone know the grammatical
difference between “He is a patient person” and “He is a
patient at that hospital”? Are they spelled the same? I thought so
but now I am second guessing again.

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