This Might be a Slow Week on the Blog 

Well I have not been keeping up around here so well have I? I need to redo so much on this blog, it’s too messy, too unorganized… So this week I will slowly be trying to fix it up and get it up and fully running again. Not sure where to start so I will just have to figure it out as I go.

Going to work on pages like Medication, Symptoms, About Me, and a little bit of everything else. I have to fix my links and tags to help you get around as well as change some graphics! Might create some pages or take some down, not sure yet. I just want this to be good for the people, not just about all my symptoms, I need to work on getting some good quality stuff back up because all I have been doing is boring progress stuff! Not much to say there that is any different haha… So just hold on and I will come up with a new game plan this week! Thanks!

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