Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Log – Week 4 (10/23/12 – 10/28/12)
This week I tried to do things a tad different, still trying to figure it all out though. Focusing more on good technique, not tying to go over the top, keeping it nice and steady, don’t want to over exert myself. Starting on upper body stuff, very light, have not done much all year, wow I feel pathetic!
Spasticity and clonus have been pretty bad but was pretty calm today (10/28/12).

2 Responses to Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Log – Week 4 (10/23/12 – 10/28/12)

  1. You're not pathetic, you're strong Matt, for giving it a go! Keep trying and your body will get there with you.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol I meant compared to what I once could do, it's just like, wow. LOL, sad how much I have fallen apart, lol idk

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