Low on Energy and Dizzy but Doing OK


it doesn’t feel like it, but I suppose I did pretty well today (for
my new standards). I forced myself to go the entire day with a cane.
Got around the house OK, even went out to water “the garden” and
turn the sprinklers on for a bit. I don’t think I fell at all lol…

kind of tired despite the Nuvigile but what ever, I am always tired,
so nothing to complain about there. Did I mention I have been dizzy?
I was dizzy today, extra dizzy… It’s like when I try to scan with
my eyes the world has to catch up a second later. I hate it so much,
makes me feel sick, not as bad as the double vision, but still sucks.
If my eyes would just heal already I could start driving again and
life might not feel so bad but ugh!
some coloring sheets out, did one this morning and started another a
while ago but wow, it’s so hard, sad sad sad… I am going to pick up
an actual coloring book at the store tonight… Embarrassing but I
think it will help. Got to start somewhere right? Going to keep
writing in my notebook everyday and see if it improves at all.
not stretch much today, was hard to find the energy. Still did the
bike twice today. 10 miles? Should be 15-20 at this point. I was just
so exhausted. I hope tomorrow I can do better.
yeah, I scheduled a pick up for some packages I have been trying to
drop off at the post office. Hard to get a ride these days but now I
can get my packages out the next day, so I am glad I figured that
out! You can do so much from home thanks to the internet!
am keeping it short tonight, I have a lot on my mind, I need to
process it all. Perhaps I will talk about it tomorrow? We shall see,

2 thoughts on “Low on Energy and Dizzy but Doing OK

  • October 19, 2012 at 1:32 am

    Hey Matt, well I have been avidly following you on you tube after stumbling (no pun intended) across one of your vids and that was it, i was hooked! took me around four days to watch the entire 69, usully during the hours of midnight to 3am due to stupid insomnia but hey ho at least I have met you through so it cant be all that bad lol.
    have now reached your blog and have just read this page and felt to say "Hi", wont prob get to read much more tonight (its 02.24 over here in the UK) as have been so blooming dizzy lately, but you know how that goes so. ok I really want to read more but eyes are hurting so I shall log back on tomorrow, goodnight x helen39

  • October 20, 2012 at 4:23 am

    Haha, it is so hard for me to find a good balance between youtube and the blog, i never feel like doing both haha.
    But thanks for the greeting haha, u should sleep, dizziness sucks, so does insomnia, i deal with both, not fun at alll 🙁 Talk to u later!!!


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