Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Log – Week 1 (10/4/12 – 10/7/12)


So, I have started to try to exercise regularly, just simple, light, stretches. Can’t handle much yet, plus I didn’t sleep last night… But I have my game plan going, alarms for everything from Pill time to Exercise time to Sleep time. I am going to get some control back. So here are the results from this week, just a couple days, but this is going to be a habit now, I mean, it’s on my phone! So at the very bottom is a snapshot of what I plan to add starting tomorrow. I have the time and finally the energy haha so let’s see! By the way, a week ago I could barely touch the tips of my toes, sometimes I could not reach my ankles! Now I can curl my fingers around my toes, so let’s see what I can do in a week!

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