I Saw Dr. Bailey, Tysabri for Matt?

Photobucket Well first of all I should start by saying my cognitive function is horrible right now, it’s been falling apart slowly for the last month or two but now it’s definitely hit a point that I think it’s time to admit, I can’t think the same. I can’t express myself and it’s horrible. It’s taking 100% of my effort just to write this, I am forcing myself… I am noticing I can’t do simple math, I am mixing up simple words, I am forgetting everything, things that I know I know I do not seem to know anymore, it’s like everything is on the tip of my tongue. With that said let’s see if I can make myself write a decent amount of material. I finally saw Dr. Bailey in Riverside yesterday and I did my best to not get my hopes up but man did he blow my expectations! I can’t remember the last time I was so happy, kind of sad, sad that at 22 years old I am this happy about something others my age might look at as unimportant. So at first he asked me to go over all my problems. I briefly went over all of my symptoms and my history with the disease. “OK. What else?” “Well, that’s pretty much it, I am not used to getting to talk for more than 30 seconds, so I summed it up the best I could”. Had I known that he wanted to talk in such depth, and spend more than 4 min. with me, I am sure I could come in with a lot more questions but I honestly was not expecting someone to pay attention to me. He listened to me, he comprehended me, I am not used to that, in the two years that I have had multiple sclerosis I have never experienced that. When he started asking me questions and assessing me I had a hard time not grinning like an idiot. He started thinking out loud and I immediately knew that this guy knew what he was talking about when it came to multiple sclerosis. This was the first time that I have bumped into anyone that I felt knew more about multiple sclerosis than I do. He was going so fast, talking about all my symptoms, where he thought the lesions were, what nerves were being affected, etc., etc. it was awesome. Plain and simple. He checked my reflexes and then moved on to my vision. He was quick to identify that it was sixth nerve palsy, something I decided I had but other doctors were quick to dismiss. It didn’t take me long to figure out that he wasn’t checking my reflexes because that was the textbook first step, but because he was really processing the information that my reflexes were giving him. He watched me walk a little bit and we did some talking about various things including medication. He said that I was a prime candidate for Tysabri
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