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Disease Modifying Medications for Multiple Sclerosis


of right now (October of 2012) there are 9 FDA approved medications
for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), they are all oral, injectable, or
intravenous (IV). These medications are known as DMT’s (Disease
Modifying Treatments) or DMD’s (Disease Modifying Drugs). The
following is a chart showing some basic info on these medications:

This Might be a Slow Week on the Blog 

Well I have not been keeping up around here so well have I? I need to redo so much on this blog, it’s too messy, too unorganized… So this week I will slowly be trying to fix it up and get it up and fully running again. Not sure where to start so I will just have to figure it out as I go.

Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Log – Week 4 (10/23/12 – 10/28/12)

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