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I stopped the Amantadine and Zanaflex


So I stopped the Amantadine and Zanaflx in hopes of stopping the dizziness and all the other nasty symptoms. I stopped mid-day yesterday and waited all day but nothing went away. It must have still been in my system, Went to Physical therapy where they did and evaluation and it went pretty well. The therapist was nice and seemed pretty smart so I look forward to my first session. She said since I can’t heat, do to my MS, that icing for and extended period of time might help.

Tizanidine and Amantadine Are Definitely Making Me Worse.


Bad start to the morning… I woke up at 5:30 and lied in bed till 6:00. I then decided it was time to get up so I took my Tizanidine and Amantadine then hopped in the shower… well, I didn’t actually hop, I carefully and slowly stepped into the shower. When I got out I dried off and as I was getting dressed I must have tilted my head weird because spin went my world, spin, spin, spin, I lost my balance and fell. Luckily I dirt biked long enough to know how to fall better so I twisted and turned in that short spec of time and landed in the sitting position halfway on the toilet as I grabbed with my right hand for the counter. I was OK physically but mentally I just… I can not believe I lost so much control over my body, it disturbs me…

Video Update – Had a Great Day! Insomnia, Flexeral, snd Amantadine

Photobucket Almost forgot to post the vid, got side tracked, sorry!

Here Comes The Sun, Yesterday Was Great!


Had a really good day yesterday, might even go as far as to say it was the best day of the year so far! I felt, good, normal. I could walk pretty well without my cane, was not all that dizzy, no pain, everything felt good! Oh yeah I should mention, I am back on the road! Driving for the first time this year was a tad intimidating because going from a hospital room doing nothing to watching traffic zoom around, the road, looking for potential danger, weather effects on the road, etc, etc… it’s all just information overload! My brain does not know how to prioritize the information! But after 2 days I can feel that calming down, not ready for long trips anytime soon but around town? Yeah I got that.