Was Sick, Spasticity, Dizzy, Vision, Acupuncture, Amantadine, Tyzanidine, I Am Back


Yes, I am back, again. I was sick last week with some kind of cold, kicked my butt, got to love immunomodulators (Rebif)… Amazing how a simple cold can destroy your body when you are already knocked down. I wish I documented this better but all I wanted to do was sleep, all day, everyday… I tried to drink lots of water to flush out my system but who knows if that helped. Getting used to that (not knowing)… So I went through a lot while I was gone, was sick, Symptoms have flared a bit, well, I will get to that, trying to find out if it was the Zanaflex that was making me dizzy or the Amantadine, tried acupuncture, and… That may have been it… Can’t remember…

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