Tizanidine and Amantadine Are Definitely Making Me Worse.


Bad start to the morning… I woke up at 5:30 and lied in bed till 6:00. I then decided it was time to get up so I took my Tizanidine and Amantadine then hopped in the shower… well, I didn’t actually hop, I carefully and slowly stepped into the shower. When I got out I dried off and as I was getting dressed I must have tilted my head weird because spin went my world, spin, spin, spin, I lost my balance and fell. Luckily I dirt biked long enough to know how to fall better so I twisted and turned in that short spec of time and landed in the sitting position halfway on the toilet as I grabbed with my right hand for the counter. I was OK physically but mentally I just… I can not believe I lost so much control over my body, it disturbs me…

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