Symptom Log – Walked Too Much?


Well, not sure if I walked too much but my legs were so tight today I could hardly walk. Have been really depressed so between that and the stiff legs I just laid in bed all day. Did not sleep much. Pain has been up and down, but I think I had a really bad day the other day, but I have not been dealing with cog-fog/memory loss well lately so I do not remember. Something has to change…

  • Spasticity in Legs – REALLY BAD TODAY
  • Difficulty Walking – REALLY BAD TODAY 
  • Depression…
  • Balance
  • Blind Spot In Left Peripheral
  • Slight Numbness in Hands
  • Pins and Needles in Hands
  • Cognitive Issues (Memory Loss, Problem Solving, Etc)
  • Lack of Coordination ESPECIALLY in Hands…
  • Fatigue
  • Severe Heat Sensitivity
  • Pain
  • Skin Sensitivity to Cold Objects

10 Responses to Symptom Log – Walked Too Much?

  1. judy says:

    Both of my kids have something called Raynauds that causes them to be sensitive to cold is that something you have too?

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    No, I am just sensitive to the shock of say cold water. So when I first get in the shower I have to have it luke (how do you spell that?) warm and then turn it down after my skin is used to the temp. Cod is good for my core temp so I love the snow. Weird I know…

  3. As hard as I know it must be, try to stay positive. It really does make a difference.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I know, I try, but every once in a while, I fall. But I will get up over the weekend I am sure. Thanks!

  5. judy says:

    Hope your feeling much better today.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I feel like a re**rd sometimes ( don't mean to offend but I can't find a better word) …or maybe like a drunk ( again… ,don't mean to offend anyone) it gets frustrating huh? …feeling cross eyed all the time and walking like I barely learned how…FATIGUE is the worst but getting better. Keep ya head up Matt..sing karaoke, it always helps me! 🙂 ***Maria***

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Matt, I saw your video on you tube, I also have a leg brace, it helps with drop-foot and hyper-extending of my knee. dx 19 yrs ago I understand the frustration of this disease. I choose no drugs they made me real sick. Have you heard of the research re. CCSVI? Here's 2 great web sites to learn about it "" also "This Is M.S." CCSVI stands for "Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency". This is world wide research, hope it's helpful.
    God bless!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    sorry, I forgot another really important website re.CCSVI, "Facebook CCSVI in Multiple Sclerosis" check out the "notes", tons of info.

  9. Matt Allen G says:

    Yes I have, and after much research, I think there is something to it but I do not think it is for me, thanks though!

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