Pain, I need Percocet or Something


I am so over being in pain. I don’t complain about it much because I have a high tolerance. Most days I won’t even notice it but today? It sucks. My arms feel like they are engulfed in an icy flame if that makes sense. Cold/burning sensation, up to my elbows, and random patches on my chest. Skin is sensitive to the touch again… If you have ever had a tooth ache, that is how all my joints in my fingers feel, plus along my forearms, and into my elbows. Even on my back now that I think about it, my skin is sensitive and it hurts to lean on back of the chair. Hard to type because I just feel… like crap…

I have been on Norcos (10/325) for a while now and as I have mentioned before, I build a tolerance to medication fast. It does nothing now, even if I take 3… Barely takes the edge off. So I need to switch it up, I need to try Percocet again. Didn’t do much for me before but I just need something new… Like I said, I have a high tolerance, I don’t pop pills everyday, but every once in a while it is more than I can handle without it effecting my ability to function. I need something for that and I don’t want to hear “you are too young to be on that kind of medication” because if you ask me, I am too young to have MS and chronic pain! So we will see how my appointment goes tomorrow.

I thought my appointment was today but it is actually tomorrow in case I did not mention that… Fingers crossed… Have my list of things to talk about just about ready for printing. Kind of sad, a lot is new since I last saw her but I have reached a point where I know there is pretty much no sense in looking for help for certain things because there is nothing that can be done. It is what it is… I think I will try to get some medication and physical therapy tomorrow and then come home and come up with a new plan, diet, exercise, alternative treatment, what ever i can do because I can’t do THIS anymore.

I will post a video tomorrow, for now, I got to go, pain is annoying me… See yah!

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  1. Anonyms says:

    We sort of discussed this the other day, I am again going to recommend Cannabis to you. I have neuropathic pains in addition to well, everything else. While medicated I get some relief from the pain too. Its not perfect but its much better than the side effects manufactured drugs give me.

    Get a doctors recommendation, a MMJ card, and find a dispensary ( You can find one that has a good staff that knows their stuff (most dispensaries only employ patients). You tell them what ails you and they will make recommendations.
    Again there are smokeless options for you if you do not want to smoke it.
    There are strains to use during the day that will allow and even motivate you to be active and not locked to the couch.

    If I had access to a dispensary I would use a hybrid strain (indica/sativa) during the day and an indica based edible or tincture at night.

    I don't recall if you said you ever tried it or not.
    There is a major difference between what you may have got from a friend and what a real legal dispensary has to offer. Most places treat this stuff as a true medication and its respected as such.

    Let me know if you ever give it a go.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, it has always been a card on hold, willing to try it but just got to get over some personal stuff, might start looking into it because all this needs to end, I need control of my life back…. So we will see but if I go that route it won't be a secret, everyone will know trust me.

  3. Do you think that the Rebif may be making you feel worse? Maybe a question to ask the doctor. Just a thought…

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Oh yes, especially if I don't take Ibuprofen. Will talk about the doc later today….

  5. Bion says:

    I've been dealing with the same BS as you for a few years and suffer trying to live with less pain. I don't really like taking vicodin or other prescription meds like that because, honestly, I'll get a mood and party them. I've found that in addition to the Advil with my inj. I also take a drug called PENTOXIFYLLINE (one 400MG tab 30-45 min prior) and the stuff reduces the interferon side effects sometimes to 0. You may have to convince your Dr. because I had to when I changed neuro's. Older Dr. didn't know about it. Baclofen works for the spacticity, doesn't kill my workday. Weed is like magic for my legs, feet, and head. It takes some practice to use it w/o getting loaded so if I have to I hit it 2 maybe 3 times and leave it. For my lovely migraines, when weed misses RELPAX does the trick. I can FEEL it kick in, feels like electricity. But it is my last resort. I've also found that Excedrin migraine works best for normal head/body aches. Must be the caffeine. I've been using mmj before it was mmj and it does nothing to help with memory, ie; makes it worse. It does help me work but because the law here NV is STRICT on drugs, the cops haven't changed there policy despite having laws similar to CA (there are NO dispensaries here) I haven't bothered w getting a card. Pay THEM to keep a file on me? No thanks. MS is always hanging back waiting for you to have a little problem, so it can join in and make it seem worse. Like an enhancer. Got a cold? Feels like pneumonia.That kind of thing. Heat is my enemy. When asked about my MS, I tell people the cold makes me stiff, the heat makes me retarded! Depression? Damn right I am. I got MS, who wouldn't be? The medications all have that depression warning. Sometimes it's so bad at work I'll try explaining something or hear something on the radio and find myself starting to cry like a f'ing baby! Then it's gone. Weed helps with that too. The Dr's don't like to hear you're wanting to use it but I'd say do it. The other guy was right, the proper bud can motivate. Sometimes I get accused of being on stimulants (I also take provigil for fatigue, weird stuff) but it's just the weed. That's my two cents, hope they help. MS Sucks, Good luck.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh man that pic of ur arms on fire really make me twitch, cuz i know exactly whats thats like. Hopefully my comment bout me dealing with the itch on my head didnt subliminally affect you. It's subsiding now (whew). DUDE why arnt you trying alternative stuff?! theres no reason to be in pain for instance (altho i have admit nothing has obviously helped with MY bed nerve pain, but it has gone away mostly, so…). The trick to solving your health probs, is to try WHATEVER has a chance to help you, something is bound to work. When i was flaring up, i would summon the strength to go on a hobbit like quest to find the fix! Maybe you dont think thats good to try, some ppl are tough to convince. Can i send you some coral calcium? supposedly it helps with pain & energy (I KNOW it gives me solid energy!), it's suppose to bath your cells in high grade calcium, it's said that bad cells like cancer etc… cant exist in this environment. Ive been doing some research about HOW to take drugs, what affects their effectiveness, foods to eat or not to eat, time of day to take pills etc… VERY eye opening info! I wonder if thats why drugs dont work so well, cuz were not taking them properly. sleekcartim

  7. Anonymous says:

    Caffiene? NARCO? BAD BAD BAD! Theres so many excellent alternatives to that shit! For energy, i like coral calcium & 5 hr energy (when needed). Both Those are actually GOOD for you, and work WELL! VERY WELL! Dont get me wrong matt, im not beating you up, just trying to help. I know many ppl throw all kinds of fixes at you & it's all so overwealming… p.s. are you on anti depressants? If not you should seriously consider it. Im NOT a pusher of that stuff, but in ur case… sleekcartim

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    I am about to really start looking into alternatives, I mean, that is why I am working on the stem cell thing haha but I am going to look at the smaller things that may help. MMJ for sure, oh and calcium? Already take it everyday. An yes, I stayed off coffee for 2 years aft I was DX'ed but, It is hard to stay off of…. BAD BAD BAD I know,

  9. Anonymous says:

    I feel really bad for you! Your photo decribes it so well. I really really wish you can find something which takes your pain away!! Thinking of you.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Theres a huge diff between calcium & high grade super absorbable formula coral calcium. Throw away plain old calcium & use coral calcium (not one of the immitaions of this great product), If memory serves, it even gets past the blood brain barrier. do you want me to send you some? sleekcartim

  11. Anonymous says:

    FYI There are types of pot, that wont get you high, but will help medicinally. sleekcartim

  12. Valerie says:

    I'm also feeling such numbness and a different kind of pain in my elbow and the joint between my hands and arms. After my check-up with my doctor, he recommended a supplement for joint support. I've actually been taking it for more than 6 months already and I'm really amazed with the result. It's so effective for me.

  13. Matt Allen G says:

    I was taking one as well though I forget the name at the moment, it didn't seem to help ME haha….

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