Amantadin and Tizanidine (Zanaflex)


So I started these two new medications and boy do they suck. The Zanaflex (For spasticity) came in 2mg pills. Took it the first day and… nothing. Took it the next morning, waited an hour and… my legs were still stiff. So I did some research and upped my does to 6mg and guess what? It helps! But it still makes me sooooooo tired, almost not worth it, all I did yesterday is sleep. Sometimes it is hard to keep my eyes open! Oh and it is giving me really bad Cotton Mouth!

The Amantadine is meant to help my fatigue, since my neuro does not believe in ridelin or anything else that works, but it is proving to not work. This pill is useless but I take it just in case. Was so hoping for a boost of energy but nope, all I want to do is sleep. Funny, this drug is meant for Parkinsons patients, why is she willing to think outside the box here but not anywhere else?

Amantadin also makes it hard to stay asleep at night. I wake up every few hours and go back to sleep where I experience vivid dreams also thanks to this drug. Though I have not been getting much sleep I feel OK except that my eyes want to shut. I am experimenting with the doses of Zanaflex, maybe 6mg in the am and 4mg later on? I think you can take baclofen with it so I have to try both and just… see what happens. Don’t do that please lol…

Note: My hands are very shaky today.

Other than that just trying to work on the backyard, so hard when you walk like Gumbi… I want to set up a garden so I can have fresh fruit and vegges for juicing and what not. It is going to take lots of time…. but that is what is keeping be sane right now.

Oh the picture above is a photo of everything I put into my body every day, except the needle, that is 3 times a week, plus the actual needle does not get ingested, just the medication inside the needle. But still. You get the point.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your neurologist never uses Ritilin? Or Provigil? Both are commonly used "off label" for things like MS fatigue and are fairly safe and efficacious. I know what you mean about the Gumbi legs.I am hoping to go back to work and hope I don't take a fall. I, luckily planted a big garden before I got sick, but have taken several tumbles there already in the last month. Nic

  2. I am on Tizanadine. It makes me very sleepy as well so I take it before bed. I was on Amantadine for a short didn't help and the side effects were too much.

  3. Minakitty says:

    My neuro first tried to prescribe Provigil for me, as did my PCP. My insurance refused on the grounds that it's primarily for narcolepsy ("We don't want to pay for it!"). I've tried Amantadine twice, with little success (stopped working after a month). I'm now on Ritalin, but I fear that won't last long either. I start my first 3-day steroid infusion next week as I'm having a relapse (if I weren't so OCD this post would be littered with typos). I've been told that will give my a temporary shot of energy. The nurse laughed when I said that would be a nice change!

    I too enjoy gardening but the heat keeps me indoors most of the time. I'm also afraid that with the current relapse the neighbors might think I'm drunk. :/

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah most my neighbors probably ARE drunk and should not be looking in my backyard anyways haha.

    My neuro doesn't like to prescribe anything that works, she is covering her ass, and pushing pills for certain companies, it is so obvious the way she words things.

    Got to see Baily, this is BS!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Matt, the irony is that many of us have systems which cast off any drug whatsoever! You're treating pills like walking into GNC. Too many you take! Hope you enjoy the veggies. Grow that garden!

  6. Anonymous says:


    personality type is the forced MS "type" consistency? And standard link? It's a predicable unpredictability? Perhaps one of the few.

    The most important neglected Misconnection: isolation.
    We need to be social on our own terms perhaps.

  7. Matt Allen G says:

    Yeah pills are like candy, but I hate candy and i hate pills but I have to be the doctor since my doc is too afraid to experiment. Bad i know, but i do my research and hey, I feel great today!

    And yes, I feel so isolated, like a piece of furniture in the house. Usually it is too hot to go outside. I go to school at the end of October, I hope by then I am stable, doing better, and can make new friends because I do need that social interaction…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well said, Matt! Why do you feel that we are forced to be a chair who stares? Are we learning to be or have more love? Those are big questions. Perhaps there are no deeper answers. The magic of reality? Relationships… keep them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MS is subtle sometimes here, too!

  9. Matt Allen G says:

    I have to refrain from commenting for the greater good though I DO agree with you haha,

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