Walking and Memory Loss


Well I would tell you about my weekend but I do not really remember it… My memory is getting really bad and I am not so sure what to do… Things enter one ear and before they can make it out the other I do not remember what it is flowing through my head. It is so frustrating! I have to stop what I am doing so often and just sit there and try to remember something. Sometimes things “slip” my mind that would be considered a long term memory like the name of a mountain or the name of my cat. Sometimes it is as short term as “did I hug that person goodbye 5 seconds ago?” When I think about it I want to just break down but… I often forget about that detail. Not good because I am forgetting what should be the driving force behind doing something about this. So I always forget to look into what I can do to improve this situation…

Well, I have been walking every morning. Started out with 0.30 miles and now I am doing a whopping half a mile a day! Sarcasm, but hey, I was in a wheelchair unsure if I would ever walk again not to long ago so I really should not complain. I think it has something to do with the memory loss crap, the memory of me at my worst is fading away so I forget to not take everything for granted. I mean not too long ago I could not even brush my teeth so… Yeeeaaaaah….. Half a mile in 12 minutes for today and as much as I wish it was not so, that is thanks to all the Baclofen I take… Even though today my legs already feel tight just 2.5 hours after taking the drug…

“I forgot what I was going to say…” haha…

Been reading still, I try to read out loud to myself to work on my speech. I think my attention span is improving a little bit.  I should note while it is in thought, I am writing this short blog post over the course of like, an hour. Have to get up, walk around, and try to remember all this crap. Anyways, I know I got out a couple of times over the weekend. Well at least once. Went to dinner with a friend for the first time in for ever, so that felt pretty good even though I felt really bad because I realized how bad my memory was and how bad I am at holding a conversation now… Still nice! For me at least!..

I can’t think of what else to say… I need to start a daily journal since the one in my head does not work anymore. Need to keep track of my life somehow! Ugh… I need that neurology appointment to come sooner. If I can start driving today (gasp, what???) then I will start calling in for cancellations to see if I can get in sooner because this is… crap…. Oh, I need to see about signing up for a class, man, this memory sucks! Will leave it at that for today, I hope tomorrow will be a better day of writing!

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