VIDEO: Matts MS – Update – Was in Hospital Again


Listed my symptoms, medication, and oh, went back to hospital, yay. At least the move is over and things LOOK like they are turning around… Knock on wood…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, you look and sound better:) Also, the 6-hours is about how long my shot takes to start "working".

    I think you're right to do something outside of MS. I hope you find some good stuff. Are you playing guitar again?


  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Well if I FELT how I LOOK this blog would be done lol but thanks.. 6 hours… BOO… Not sure what to do about that… And no, no guitar. Hands are too messed up. Trying piano but… Its frustrating.

  3. Monique Luna says:

    Hi Matt my name is Monique Luna I don't have Ms but I am getting tested for cuz the doctor says I have the sympthoms. I already have fibromalgia already n I know the pains I had an attack n my left arm in my thumb can not fucntion no more it hurts all the time now I am having the spasm n my stamache n the worst I had was couple days ago where it is at my tail bone it got stuck n I pass out I can't hear like I use to at times I can't see cuz I see blurred visions. Matt add me on fb please gotta a lot of question someone can understand my pain

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