Rebif Update, SSI, and Stem Cell Fundraiser!


8:30am – Getting ready for Rebif injection at 9:00am. Hoping the crappy feeling I had the other day was not the medication, will take more Ibuprofen today just in case… Maybe…

Was in a lot of pain yesterday, in my right leg the most. Cramping, Spasticity, and nerve pain was shooting down my thigh to my ankle but it was not sciatic, it just sucked. Took some Norco (2X 10/325) for the first time in for ever and it finally worked for me… Made walking extra difficult though… Dizzy. Yay.

Got some Magnesium for the spasticity, hoping it helps but it’s too soon to tell. Need to start exercising my legs for that. Stretching in particular and the bike as well because sitting around all day can not be helping… Need to get a hold of this because physically this is holding me back the most at the moment… I want to just go for a quick walk, is that asking too much? I have to exercise and earn it. EARN that walk.

11:54am – Just got back from the social security office… I don’t want to be there, I would rather a job. Got my new address and info in the system so I should see a slight raise soon. Appeal for disability can take up to one year I guess so I will settle for SSI, I do not want to be collecting welfare that long anyways…

Went to Home depot after that and was able to walk around a bit without leaning on the shopping cart, just my cane and I. Got a UV light bulb for my indoor garden of house plants. Need to install that light somehow and fix my fountain. Will post pictures of the “garden” later.

1:03pm – Still no side effects, yay! Perhaps the other day was just a coincidence? Definitely not complaining! So Tired! NOT going to nap today, got to keep busy! Active! I think I will start messing with my little garden encloser?

My mother has successfully taken over my fundraiser for the stem cell treatment I want that will hopefully give me back some life! The procedure is in Panema city and they will use my own stem cells and some from donated umbilical cords so NOTHING controversial here, they just do not do it here in the states.
I just want to walk well enough to do little hikes again, nature walks. Some vision would be nice as well but that is all I really want, if I could wish for anything that is.
I have a lot of money to raise and we will have some in person fundraisers soon. For now we start online! Will document this journey closely! You can find the fundraiser page by clicking HERE or you can donate by using the widget under my picture to the right of my blog. —->

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Ask your mom to coordinate a fundraiser thru her school, with a cookout — hamburger, chips, donated drinks and charge $8 for the plate — something like that — or thru your church — community activities around holidays, etc. People respond to those things — they like to eat and help at the same time.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    Great idea, writing that down NOW!

  3. Anonymous says:


    Also on the msconnectiion site I saw that in June 2012 there was a panel discussing advances in treatments. They mentioned that the Cleveland Clinic was conducting the first stem cell clinical trial in the United States sponsored by the Department of Defense with funding from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Mentioned

  4. Anonymous says:


    If interested, better get on this clinical trial thing — only taking 24 total people, both rrms and ppms in equal numbers (12 and 12).

    Did a search at — put in cleveland clinic and stem cells — first one on their list. Still recruiting.

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    I will have to look into that although The Panama Stem Cell Institute has a track record… Hmm…..

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