Fast Food, Quick Regret. I Also Went For a Walk.


I was having a bad day yesterday, just one of those days you know? It started off well, that is what I do not get. Decided I was going to go for a walk, just needed to get out on my own. So I went for a walk. Short, but a walk, and on my own. I made it to the end of our street, to the main road, and I just stood there for a while watching the cars pass by. It was… Nice… I guess “normal” was just nice… Traffic, the bees in the trees, the bumpy sidewalk, “normal”. To top it off the weather was great!


Some stuff happened at home that just triggered something inside, guess that is where my day went wrong. I asked for a ride to Starbucks, I just needed to get out, to read. It was crowded so I decided to do something I have not done in a while. I walked accross the street to Wendy’s and got myself a burger and fries. I was having a bad day and I just needed to taste that “normal”, I mean, what the heck? I did not get a soda by the way, it was a Hi-C which I barely took a few sips of, too sweet… I ate everything else clean, and before I left the building, I felt sick.

Made it back to Starbucks, got a Naked juice, and read for a while. I felt sick and started feeling extremely tired. I pushed on and read until my eyes started falling heavy. I could not stay awake, so I called for my ride home. I felt sick the rest of the night, I will never eat that crap again! It was not worth it! Garbage! Garbage! Garbage!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everybody needs a little "normal" — try to do more of it in moderation — not doing it is what makes you fall off the wagon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I walked 0.30 miles today. It was so nice to be able to do. Im glad you got out of the house :-).
    Willowtree (I dont have the patience to log in)

  3. Judy says:

    I feel so bad for you. I wasn't aware that food was your kryptonite Matt. I hope you're better now. I pray you will just at least have a few months of absolutely no symptoms. You deserve a break from having to pay for just trying to take a break.

  4. Judy says:

    Do certain foods cause problems?

  5. Matt Allen G says:

    It is not my kryptonite, just was having a bad day and wanted some normal,

    ""Everybody needs a little "normal""

    I regret that big time…. BLAH!
    And a break? No more of that for me for now…. 🙁

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Cog fog moment re Kryptonite. Food usually does not effect me but then again fast food really is not food is it haha?

  7. judy says:

    LOl, I was just kidding about the kyrptonite. Sorry I shouldn't make jokes about this I mean no disrespect.
    The cog issues you describe really fit Chris sooo much. He is very smart but he says he has to think about every single thing he is saying sometimes in order to be sure he says what he is intending to say. That must get very frustrating. I will be very surprised if we do not get a diagnosis of ms. I wonder if there is something else that has so many symptoms. Did you just wake up when you were 20 with this problem or have you had things throughout your life that you can now see was ms?

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol first of all, you SHOULD joke about it, keep it light haha!

    Most people have little symptoms for years before diagnosis but yes, in my case, I just woke up and my foot was numb. It got worse every day and within a month I was in a wheel chaor, partially blind, paralyzed, etc.

    But I have an "aggressive case"…

  9. judy says:

    I joke with my son because he has had things through the years that have been very frustrating for him and we just seem to laugh about it usually. He has a breakdown every once in awhile when he just can't seem to get a break. We talk about how much it sucks and kinda move on. What's so annoying is these problems are so hard for him to explain sometimes and they aren't always the same problems But, they always return. He has some symptoms that never seem to go away. Like pain, fatigue, muscle aches, heat bothers him, etc. I was really worried when I had to take him to the er last week for the chest pains. That's a new one for us. I'm not sure what happened really. They said it was muscle spasms in his chest wall and esophagus. They gave him a liquid mixture of 3 different meds that numbed his throat and chest and had something in it to stop the tightness. It helped right away. But, he said he gets that often now. Not sure what to do for that type of issue. Are you better now?

  10. judy says:

    I bet that was quite a shock to go from very healthy to dealing with all of this.

  11. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol you did not watch my last post did you? Where do you live? You sound like you guys could use a talk lunch haha???

  12. judy says:

    Lol, Yes, I actually did watch the one you put on here. I have to watch it again though because it was about 2 in the morning so I didn't pay enough attention so no pop quiz yet. We live in Oklahoma. Moved here from Ohio when Chris was 4 hoping the warmer weather would help his pain. Didn't know about the heat being kryptonite at the There are just too many things to type about and I'm 41 so I'm not the fastest typer. My 15 year old daughter says I peck at the keyboard.

  13. judy says:

    See example of how his life is. I am here at his dorm right now. He is supposed to moving his stuff from this dorm room to a room across the street and he has fallen asleep soo many times. He is asleep right now for at least 2 hours I try to get him up but, he is so tired. His friends just knocked that he wanted to hang out just knocked on his door but he is just to tired to even care right now. You guys are way too young to feel like crap. Where do you live?

  14. Matt Allen G says:

    So-Cal so nevermind about lunch haha…. Yeah I hate being tired and my medication makes me more tired, so hard to cope with…

  15. judy says:

    So-Cal? I do wish lunch could have worked that would have been easier than taking all of your time on here.

  16. Judy says:

    So here's something I'm wondering. Chris has said a few different times through the years that he feels electric shocks in his brain. The docs never say much about that or the heat exhaustion and strange things he has mentioned. I had noticed that years ago a nueroligist noted in his papers about it but, they always act like these strange things are meaningless or just in his head so he stops telling them. But, I was wondering if that shock symptom thing you described when you bend your head can be the same as what he has? Even though he mostly says it is in his brain.

  17. Matt Allen G says:

    Well, everyone is different and I myself experience so many symptoms that are "not the norm" and doctors treat me the same way BUT I am the kind of guy who HAS to know how something works so after all the studying I have done I get why I get these things.

    Though I do get sharp pain in my head I have to note, we can not feel anything in our actual brain… So his feelings must me on his head because other than pressure idk that you can feel anything else but don't quote me, I am just guessing.

    As far as Lhrmites sign? No. It can't be, that only effects from where ever in the spine the issue is and DOWN, never up with nerves.

  18. judy says:

    Oh, ok thanks. The way he is trying to describe the brain thing is kind of strange. I do know that he has many issues in his spine. He has had pain and problems with his spine since he was 2. So nerve pain only travels down?
    Have you ever woke up and not be able to straighten your arm or wake up and not be able to lift or use it?

  19. Matt Allen G says:

    Not pain, nerve anything. Think of it like a strand of Christmas light, you take out one bulb, and the rest shut off down the thread towards the end. Well with people, the start is in the brain and the "end" is in the toes. Damage = taking out a bulb. So where ever there is damage in the spinal cord things shut off towards the end. Does that make sense? Probably not haha…

  20. judy says:

    Yes actually that does explain it. You are so good at making sense of this stuff. You should be a doctor.

  21. Matt Allen G says:

    Haha I have thought about it for all the wrong reasons.

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