Burning, Sneezing, Energy, Spasticity, and House Work


Today is going to be a random topic day. I had an odd weekend and I guess I thought it would be a good idea to write down everything I wanted to talk about without organizing it, so here we go…

I did not have too much pain this weekend, at least I do not remember ir. I did have that burning sensation again, upper left chest. Nothing serious but I did want to document it.

I also wanted to document something I always forget about! Ever since my first stay at the hospital this year I can not seem to sneeze! I need to but I either have to “hold it in” or let it turn into a cough! What the heck! So that was on my list of random facts…

Energy. Oh man how I miss it. It’s like my capacity was cut in half! Around 1:00pm I run out and I try napping for half an hour to an hour, with the help of my alarm, but no matter what I find myself waking up like 3 hours later! ARG! I so miss coffee…

Spasticity still sucks, can not tell if the magnesium I added to my cocktail is helping or not. Need more time I suppose but I am so tired of this, tired of not being able to walk properly. Guess I should not complain, I was in a wheelchair not too long ago and now I can get around on my own two feet.

I spent most of yesterday trying to do some house work, I was so bored! I needed to move! So I watered the yard and moved to the garage which has been a wreck since we moved in to the new house. I worked a long time. Did not time it because I was not expecting to really get into it but of course, I did… Once I start I just can not stop no matter how tired I am! Got some cleaning done, installed the new door knob, fixed the back door, and a few other little things… I miss working in the receiving room trying to knock out load and get the back all nice and clean. Miss it.

I did not get much done but I guess for someone who has been in and out of the hospital all year I did so I’ll take it. I paid for that work though, was so dizzy and my legs were tightening up… Worth it… Felt good to get something done, to not sit around… I wish I could do more but I suppose I also wish I had a really nice car, a house in the mountains, and the ability to fly, why not?

Today I still feel kind of tight but it’s OK because there is a reason for it today so I don’t care as much. Loosing my mind because all I want to do is jump back into the garage and work, work, work! But I can’t… I hate that word… Can‘t… ARG! So much yard work I want to do! At least the backyard is coming back to life! Should have done a before picture so I could compare but I thought it was as dead as it gets… Man! I hate sitting here!

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