Back to Loma Linda as a Visitor This Time


Today I got to do something besides driving that I have meant to do for a while now, I got to visit some of my therapists from rehab from the first time I went to the hospital this year!


Remember when I disappeared for like 2 months? Yeah I still need to write about that but I keep forgetting… Point is, I pretty much lived with these people for 2 months and they worked really hard to “rebuild” me, to get me back up on my feet. Everyone recognized me right away, by time I realized who they were they had already rushed me outside or down the hall, it was nice! It was odd seeing them, I was in such an odd state of mind at that time, I don’t know, it was just weird but definitely awesome! I saw the door to ONE of my rooms and heard all the odd beeping sounds which I hated, they brought back all the bad feelings haha… I hate those beeps… But my therapists are awesome! OT’s and PT’s!

I DO have to go back and catch a few people who were not there today but I will write about all that very soon!


I feel like I am starting to get a hold of my life again, well, a little. I do not feel so buried… I worked on my paperwork last night which has built up all year, letters I have not even opened. I shredded so much, now I just have to organize it all… Feels good to have some “control” back even though NOTHING “feels” the same anymore. That picture does no justice to what I started with by the way…


I have a lot of work to do here on the blog including working on my fundraiser endeavor but all in good time right?

Before I go for now, I start my full dose of Rebif tomorrow, a tad nervous, I am sure it will be just fine but I SOOO do not want flu like symptoms. Will post on that tomorrow!

8 Responses to Back to Loma Linda as a Visitor This Time

  1. S.S-O says:

    good luck with the Rebif!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Take 200 mg of ibuprofen shortly after you take the shot and then another 200 mg later in the day. Leg aches are eased with 200 mg of Co-Q-10.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Read the blog this week.

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I take 400 just to be safe haha, so far nothing but do not want to speak too soon, it has only been 1 hour……

  5. I just started Rebif last week I took my last 8.8 today and Friday will be my first 22. It seems to have made my dizziness worse but today isn't quite as bad. The one picture of you with the therapist looks so much like my son Matt…

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Lol I get that a lot, actually just met a guy whos son is named Matt and is also 22 lol! Dizziness? Boo… I took my first 44 today and so far so good which means either I am lucky or its not working….. We will see!

  7. Anonymous says:

    looking good Matthew 😉

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