I am Loosing Track of Each Second


Writing freely is becoming harder and harder each day, or so it feels… My memory loss is just so bad, I am loosing track of each second in my life. What happened yesterday? This morning? An hour ago? 5 minutes ago? I do not know and it’s so frustrating. I can sit down and spend a few minutes trying to recollect something that should just pop into my mind in a few seconds but that stresses me out and is not always worth it. The other day I could not remember my cats name. I sat down and stared at her for ever, just thinking, thinking, thinking. What was this cats name? Why can I not remember it?? I finally did, Willow, but I wanted to just break down in tears because I was so frustrated with myself. I am 22 and have a memory worse than most grandparents. I wish I could properly explain my frustration.

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