What a Crappy Day, MS sucks as Well, Vertigo.


Today just started off bad. Apparently 8.5 hours of sleep is too much because I have learned that if I get too much sleep my symptoms flare up and today that is just what they did. This morning I woke up to pins and needles in both my arms from the elbows down to my fingertips. It feels so horrible! I hate waking up to this! Kept waking up all night as well so today I just woke up feeling like garbage.

Took a cold shower to try to reduce some inflammation. Who knows if that does anything but at this point what do I have to loose? The pins and needles / numbness do not seem as bad right now but I have had sharp shooting pains in my legs all day, they just shoot through my nerves at random and it feels like someone is poking my toes with a needle when ever I stop thinking about it. Makes me jump… Fun. Stress sucks, stress sucks a lot more with Multiple Sclerosis.

I have tried to stay as active as possible to avoid becoming super tired again so I have been packing and moving stuff around getting ready for the move. Still feel tired. Got a bit done though. I can’t do 5% of what I used to do during a move so that is rather frustrating. I hate just sitting here!

Worst thing is the vertigo. Man it is so bad today! It is even messing with me when I am sitting still! I barely move my head and everything starts moving. I finally looked up vestibular exercises on Youtube that I could try to do at home and than I remembered that I have a sheet the physical therapists gave me for home exercises to try to improve my vertigo. Found that and then tried some of the exercises out but they made me really dizzy so we will give it a week and see if any of it get’s easier…

I just can not live like this, I can barely make it to the bathroom right now without falling because the entire house is just moving too much! The spinning makes everything from walking to typing difficult, forget making meals! I don’t know what to do, I just want this gone… At least my vision is not so doubled anymore… UGH… I do have a bit of a headache from all the spinning which sucks and oh, Dramamine does not do anything by the way, not for me at least.

Man, oh man, oh man…

2 thoughts on “What a Crappy Day, MS sucks as Well, Vertigo.

  • June 14, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    Hi Matt,

    I am really sorry that you feel this way. I would really love to get in touch with an discuss things about MS.

    If you have the time please contact me. I have some of your symptoms (as well as bad headaches) but the symptoms are not as severe.

    I am currently being tested for Lyme Disease, you might want to take this route as well. Infectios diseases can induce multiple sclerosis. (one of the is borreliosis, syphilis and a few others).

    Please do contact me at lyme@lyme.ws

    I would love to talk with you.


  • June 14, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    Will email you!Was already tested for lyme, was confirmed MS with MRI and Spinal Tap


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