Progress Update – Walking, Vision, Piano, and Fatigue


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  1. MS Cherokee says:

    Matt, you are doing great! I am adept at wall walking. It is helpful when your equilibrium is messed up, although kind of embarrassing for me to do at work. The blog on MS and vision loss was spot on. It’s hard to describe to people what MS can do to our vision but you posted some great examples to help people understand. I also have issues with blurriness when looking at things close up and it’s not my contact prescription – just got new contacts. It comes and goes and it’s a PITA. 😉 Have you seen a neuro ophthalmologist? In addition to adjusting your prescription he may have additional insight as to the blurriness. And last but not least, yes I can definitely tell you are tired and it sucks. Michelle had a good suggestion to get your thyroid level checked out.

  2. Matt Allen G says:

    I have not seen a neuro ophthalmologist since I had Kaiser so I would like to see anyone regarding my eyes at this point. Not sure what my options are right now! ;^b

  3. Anonymous says:

    G'day Matt – you said that you were tired – I've worked it out that when I'm very tired, perhaps I'm not breathing in enough oxygen. I've had to go to hospital a few times because my blood oxygen gets low and I suffer.
    Have you ever had oxygen treatment?
    When you get on your excercise bike, you are breathing more, breathing in more oxygen than if you weren't excercising.
    Best Wishes

  4. Matt Allen G says:

    I asked for it but doc said no. But both times I was in the hospital my blood oxygen level was fine so idk?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Matt, for your video. I really enjoy seeing and hearing your words, instead of only "seeing" your words.

    So FANTASTIC to see you walking down the hall and the fact that you are OUT of the wheelchair is remarkable. It demonstrates how symptoms CAN get better and not be a negative affect in your life.

    Even though it's hard for your fingers to play, you showed what a good player you are! I think to keep practicing would be a good idea, only if you try to forget about the frustration of it, and concentrate on thinking of it as therapy that is beneficial.

    My neuro explained to me how….if one line of nerves is damaged, the brain sends off the signal to another line of nerves and if that is damaged too, then it works at sending the message along another line of nerves.

    I think part of our tiredness comes from all of that re-construction going on in our nervous system all the time. We just can't see the activity, but I believe our brain is working really hard to do it's job.

    My vision gets blurry too and yesterday I asked the neuro about it, and he said if you're tired, it will make the blurriness more prominent. I saw the opthamologist at the same time and she said I have "dry eye" which can add to blurriness because the oils in the eys aren't flowing properly, so when the oil does come out, it creates a film on the eye.

    She told me to put warm wet cloths on my eyes in the morning and at night, use artificial tears, 3 times a day, and put a couple of drops of baby shampoo in some water and wash my eyelashes with it and she gave me a prescription for a cream to put on my eyelashes when I go to bed at night.

    Oh, and also to gently push in the inside and outside corner of my lower lid and in the middle of my upper and lower lid, to release the oils on more of a continual basis.

    So, I'm starting today with this ritual. One more thing, she said to take Omega 3, 3 a day for one month, then one a day after that … and that I may notice a difference in a couple of months.

    Lots of info for me, and I just snuck into the appt. with her, because she was just about to go home. (I didn't have an appt with her, the neuro just asked her if she would see me before she went home) So, for what it's worth to anyone….give it a go.

    I'm going to go for another brain and spine MRI, so we'll see what's changed.

    You are going to get an awesome girl one day, because that's is what you'll attract! I can see you have a "certain" something about you, that is quite special!!!


  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Man I hope you wrote all that down because if my doctor told me that I would forget it all. I do

    I do notice being tired makes it worse so I just need to get checked out

    Haha not going to talk about the kind of people I MOSTLY seem to attract bit thanks! HAHA….

  7. Anonymous says:

    Matt – I wonder if you'd give my suggestion a try. Several people with all sorts of illnesses and conditions said they had better health when taking what I suggested.
    Their conditions included tremors, clawed hands, numbness, a man with MD said his legs felt better in a week and he was also a Diabetic and his levels were better after 2 weeks. Another lady who got in touch with me, said her Dystonia was reduced when she took the treatment. A friend with MS took VB1 for a couple of days when she was hollidaying with me – her hands didn't shake so much after each dose.
    And the treatment suppressed and eventually reversed most of my horrific symptoms – cramps, twitches, tics, numbness, involuntary movements, tremors and many more too numerous to mention.

    Best Wishes

  8. Matt Allen G says:

    Unfortunately I am on lots of vitamins and none of them seem to help… 🙁 but that is just me…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Matt – Through my experimentation, research, trial and error for 18 months, I found I had to take the right dose quantity and the right dose rate to give the benifit.
    Water soluble VB1, Vit.C and several other things – some of which probably have never been scientifically tested for medicinal purposes – all with similar water soluble properties, increased my breathing within minutes to suppress my symptoms.
    The medications and vitamins with ioly to greasy solid properties, didn't give the same relief.
    Best Wishes

  10. Matt Allen G says:

    I take
    OMEGA 3, 6, AND 9

    And I want to add A and now I should try the B1. Who knows!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Matt – Most of what you take are fatty acids which are absorbed into the intestine (info from Wikipedia)so it would take longer to have any effect – if any.

    Water soluble VB1 and Vit.C – from my experience – take effect within minutes to suppress my symptoms for a few hours. Water soluble vitamins are absorbed in the stomach almost straight away. I wonder if you would try the dose quantities and dose rates as I suggested.

  12. Matt Allen G says:

    I am trying lots of things, but there is just too much to try. I'll keep it in mind for when the time is right haha! Thanks!

  13. artem morikh says:

    hello mate
    how are you
    i am guitrist that slowly loss his abilty
    how you gain your play alitle more?
    hope you feel good

  14. Matt Allen G says:

    I can't seem to hold on to music….
    Up and down up and down…
    Right now I just want my walking and vision back
    Not too much I suppose?

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