MS Update – Pain, Spasticity, Numbness, and Vision Loss


Well in case you have not noticed I am trying my best not to do any kind of blog work on the weekends.I am trying to use that time for myself because like I mentioned in a previous post, I need to work on being Matt instead of always being “Matt that guy with MS”.

Anyways, let me do some recapping. On Saturday, I was in a lot of pain throughout the entire day. Sharp pains in my arms and legs, you know, that good ol’ neurological pain. On top of that I had lots of burning sensations in my upper right chest, the right side of my ribs, and my right shoulder, very weird. Some of this pain has stuck around for the last few days but it has not been so bad, same with the burning, thanks to my high pain tolerance this is just annoying to me.

I have obviously, for those who follow my blog, been trying to avoid using painkillers. I slipped on Saturday though, the pain was just stressing me out, I needed to escape. I was overwhelmed and my pain tolerance just gave up so I took three “extra strength” Norcos. Usually they give you 5/325 mg a pill in the hospital and you can have one every four hours. I took three and they were 10/325 mg each which means one pill is like two Norcos at the hospital. I took three of these which means I basically took six Norco’s all at once and I didn’t even feel it. I waited an hour for it to kick in and nothing, didn’t even take the edge off my pain, didn’t make me tired, and didn’t make me loopy. I think I have officially built up a tolerance to pain killers.

Almost forgot, I slept all day Saturday, partially because of the pain and partially because I was just tired. I would sleep for an hour or two, wake up for half an hour, and then fall back asleep. This went on all day and I was more miserable over being this tired than I was about the pain which I guess is a good thing because it kept my mind off of it but this was kind of like the whole “break one finger to keep your mind off of the pain of your other broken finger”solution so I was not happy with it.


But over the course of the last few days my pain has settled down a bit, still have some in my arms but it’s just annoying at this point. I also figured out just how numb my hands are. I decided to try cooking for the first time this year, nothing crazy, just a turkey burger! Yum! I was making some french fries as well and it was time to pull them out of the oven… I told myself that I was not going to burn myself this time, I was extra careful with everything I did, I slipped on the oven mitt, and pulled out the pan… Something felt wrong… 3 seconds later it dawned on me, what I was feeling was myself being burned somehow. I dropped the pan back onto the rack and looked at the oven mitt. There was a hole in it between my pointer finger and thumb which means I pretty much grabbed a pan that had been heated to 400°F with my bare hand, well at least between my pointer finger and thumb. It bubbled up a little bit but I could not feel it even if I rubbed it, scratched it, or slapped it, just could not feel it. Now there’s just a pink spot so luckily it didn’t turn into anything too crazy. I better be careful now!

What else… Oh yeah, I have been so dizzy the last couple of days! It’s making walking so hard and every time I turn my head the world starts spinning round and round so I just want to sit here and not move, well sometimes, but then the real me wants to get up and do something but it’s so hard when everything is spinning like this! It’s like trying to run up the hallway of a boat that’s going through a storm, everything feels like it’s moving, rocking, I hate it!


On top of that my vision has not been so well for the last couple of days, luckily it’s only when I am looking at things up close, everything else is just regular blurry, the same kind of blurry I have been dealing with for the last couple of years. But it was getting really hard to read text messages so I got a new app that lets me make the font way bigger… Made me feel kind of old but whatever, it is really nice to be able to read what I am receiving and sending! With my glasses, things are not as bad most of time, but sometimes things get so blurry or doubled that even with my glasses I can’t see small things… When I can see however, I’ve been trying to start reading! I need to get my brain working again! I am going to try to finish Montel William’s book today, I am very close to the end! As simple a read as it is it has been very difficult because I haven’t been reading much this year, but I will try to change that because I have enough books on my bookshelf to keep me busy for a while.

Quick note before I forget, I have not been wearing a mouth guard in my sleep for a few weeks now, I don’t seem to be grinding anymore! So I really can’t wait to get into the dentist to fix my stupid teeth! I hate them so much, embarrassing!

Last night I experienced some spasticity for the first time since the hospital, my first hospital stay that is! I was stressed out and my legs just started stiffening up… Luckily I still had a couple of Baclofen left over so I took 20 mg last night and today everything seems to be just fine. I better call in a refill because I think I have one or two left and if this issue is still going to pop up I need something to fight it because it gets really bad for me when it does…


Well today things are not so bad, my vision is not too bad, my pain is not too bad, the numbness is the same, but the vertigo is still pretty bad which makes my walking a little unstable. I was able to cook today without any accidents and I even messed around with the dishes a bit. I just rinsed them off and stacked them to the side so that somebody could finish them off really quick. I can’t risk breaking all the dishes so I have to be careful although my mom did pick up some tempered glass dishes which pretty much just don’t break and they are super light weight so they are awesome! All MS patients should have this!


I also tried replacing a broken doorknob today, this should have usually taken me just 3 minutes to do but it took me forever because my fine motor skills are not what they used to be, depending on the task… I got the doorknob on but I can’t see well enough to cut the door jam in order to insert the new plate of metal thingy that allows the door to shut. Wow, I cannot remember what it is called, I just know it was very frustrating because I used to be a do-it-yourself kind of guy and now I can’t even replace the doorknob without some trouble, arg!

Well either way, I’m doing much better than I was when I first got out of the hospital and when I got out of the hospital the second time! Still have not received my Rebif, what the heck! Just trying to get back on track, trying to readjust my workout routine, and then I am going to try to get into physical therapy as soon as I can so that hopefully, in the next few months, I will be where I want to be, especially if I end up getting disability… My attorney told me that they already made a decision and I should find out in the next two weeks, that was Friday I believe, I have an interview with disability on the seventh, fingers crossed! I don’t want to be on disability but I am trying to suck up my pride and do what I have to do to get back ahead in life, or least to catch up I should say!

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  1. Belinda says:

    Matt just reading your blog reminded me of a few times I have got trays from the oven and not realised I was burning my hands, nothing too serious thankfully, mine was more from trying to do too many things and getting sidetracked rather than numb hands which I don't get much.
    I always prefer the Corelle plates, love the light weight, but be warned they do break if you try and catch one by your leg or hand as it drops and it lands on it's edge and they shatter into millions of pieces too!
    You have done well so far with the door handle, I have trouble with the recessed light globes, normal ones are easy but the recessed ones I have to wait for my kids to attempt it – feel like an idiot at times!

    Have you been on Rebif yet or are you waiting to start? I have been on it for about 6 years and my Neuro seems very happy with it, hope you get some sort of result with it, although they don't make you feel better they are more to try and prevent any further attacks. Did you do anything on your Birthday? Hope the pain and tiredness at least let you have the day to enjoy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    someone from Piscataway, NJ just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day … now go clean your room! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    G'day Matt – Just thought I'd tell you my treatment for the next time you burn yourself.
    Wet a folded up piece of kitchen paper with Brown Vinegar, hold it on the burn for a few minutes. Do this several times through the day. Doing this with even a bad burn, stops the burn from blistering if you treat it early.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pondering … all your thoughts and symptoms you are going through, along with my limited understanding, my thinking back to when I was your age, your maturity that you demonstrate, my misunderstanding of MS when I was younger (had no idea) my cousin being DX when he was 30, so many years ago (I had no idea) He married, had 3 kids, passed away at about age 55, (I didn't really know him, and I wasn't close to him) but I think of the possible link, of him having MS and me having MS. He was my second cousin, much older than me.

    Do you have any understanding of any possible link, in your history? Did you have Mono? What was the very first symptom you can think of?

    I have been laying around on the couch lately, watching TV, and I totally notice that my legs are becoming tighter and tighter, even though I am not doing anything. Is this what you feel? I don't feel pain, in this moment, but a terribly uncomfortable feeling and nothing I can do, relieves it. It's like I feel a pressure, from inside and outside, although..looking at my legs, nothing is happening.

    Can you relate to that. Your input is appreciated.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Happy belated Birthday matt! (im 50 on the 24th) -SLEEKCARTIM

  6. Matt Allen G says:

    Belinda – I love the plates too and was tempted to drop one on purpose to test just how unbreakable they are but I opted out lol!

    Piscataway, NJ – ????? Hmmm….. Kinda sure but not sure who this is lol….

    Elaine – I have tough hands still from working, so it already blistered a little and went away, u wouldn't see scar unless u REALLY looked haha!

    Mary-Ellen – We are certain my Grandmother had it but this was many years ago. I did have mono, I have looked into the Epstein Bar Virus and IDK…. Did't look too deep but can't remember why… And yes, It's called spastisity or rigidity and my leg stiffened up so bad in the hospital that a nurse could lean on it and not bend it with all her wait. It hurt my back so bad… Baclofen saved my life!

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