Time For Another Brake


OK, I am obviously not doing to well mentally. This is for a million reasons but really, what it boils down to, is I need a brake. My life is 95% MS saturated. I have talked about it before but I need to stop talking and start DOING. I don’t know how or what I will do I just know that yes, I want to and will stay dedicated to MS but I need ME TIME, a time and place I can go to in order to try to “escape” and “forget” about MS because it is running wild in my head, driving me nuts, and destroying my health. I need some time away from the blog, Facebook, the group, everything so that I can just think and really figure out what the hell I need to do with my life, to GIVE myself a life. How I am existing right now is no way to live and I am not doing anything to move forward. Something. lots of things, need to change. I never wanted MS to become my identity and look at me, it has, and I need to fix that, I need to be Matt again. So, I’ll return shortly.

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