Super Post-Hospital Multiple Sclerosis Update (Video)


OK, today I want to do a really good update and try to iron everything out because I feel like everything has been all over the place, everything is so un-organized!

First of all, the picture. 132 pounds, not a lot I know, I lost a lot of weight in the hospital and I have never been one to have weight to lose anyways. I think I am 5′ 10″so I should probably be more around140 to 150 pounds so the fact that I have hit 132 again makes me happy because I thought I was way less thanks to a broken scale. 132 is kind of my baseline, at least it has been for a while now. I used to be around 140 and even hit 150 once but that was when I was doing okay with my health and working out everyday but I have lost a lot of weight obviously.

Moving on, symptoms. Right now my dizziness is back, my vertigo, whatever you want to call it. Something is wrong with my vestibular system and nothing seems to help. Meclizine actually makes my dizziness worse! So I am trying some over-the-counter stuff but I can’t really tell if it is doing anything…


The MS hug is killing me, it dawned on me last night that the reason I’m having such a hard time walking right now is probably because my core is so tight and what sucks is that there is not much you can do for this symptom. Today I tried taking Baclofen, Gabapentin, Clonazepam, and a Norco and it didn’t do anything but make me sleepy. The only other choice I have read that I have is ibuprofen which I couldn’t find at home, sure would be funny if that actually helps but considering nothing else did I doubt it will… I have to talk to a doctor or a nurse…

My hands and forearms are still pretty numb, sometimes worse than other times so I still can’t type all that well… One finger at a time but I have been using this Dragon voice-recognition software so that I can simply speak into a microphone and let it tight for me and it is helping a lot! I don’t want to become dependent on it like a crutch but for now I have no choice and it’s awesome!

Since I have vertigo and my core is pretty tight AND I have not been using my legs much, I still have a pretty hard time walking but it’s much better than before! I can’t wait to go back to physical therapy and see what they can do for me now! Today I went to Walmart and target with my mom and sure I had to use the shopping cart to help me get around but I couldn’t even do that just a couple of weeks ago so it’s nice to see some progress and not need a wheelchair! it was nice to get out of the house on my own 2 feet!

I’m still having a hard time not slurring my speech and my cognitive skills are still in the dumpster. I’m going to try to start reading again and playing some mind strengthening games on my phone. The brain is like a muscle right? Got to work it out! I am tired of the stupid memory!

I have also been experiencing some muscle tremors in my arms and legs but mostly at night. My arm will twitch really quick like somebody poked me with a needle, it’s weird! But that’s not bad, speaking of not bad, my vision is getting better as well. I have not been wearing my glasses as much except for right now but that is because I took a lot of medication that makes me sleepy so I feel kind of loopy and everything is kind of blurry at the moment…

last thing, almost forgot, I’ve been experiencing a weird burning sensation. On my chest, shoulder, and arms mostly; it feels like I am too close to a fire. It lasts a few minutes and then goes away for a while but it’s been popping back up all day! OK I lied, one more thing… This issue has never fully gone away so I always forget that it’s an issue but I’m having a really hard time with temperature again. Cold burns my skin and heat just, well, I don’t feel it. I had a really hard time telling if my lunch was heated up enough or not until I started actually eating it and I’m having a hard time not burning myself in the shower… No temperature feels right. Lame!

Anyways it’s nothing to complain about, things are starting to get a little bit better, and now I have the hope that I will get a lot better! I’ll be doing exercises every day and hopefully I’ll be back in physical therapy soon! It will be interesting to see where I am at by the end of summer


Summer reminds me, I’ve been thinking about the whole MS taking over my life thing. Everyone is right, I need my own life again, my own interest and hobbies, I need them, they will help me get better whereas constantly thinking about MS probably is not helping. So I think I’m going to start working on my novel again and maybe redoing my photo blog as more of a personal blog than anything else. So maybe I’ll post some of that stuff up later as well but I’m going to try to force myself to shift my focus over the summer! I am also thinking about taking at least one online class just to keep me busy, not sure if I missed registration though, I can’t remember when summer registration is for me… I will have to look into it….

Anyways I got to go, my speech is slurring really bad right now and it’s really frustrating me because it’s making using this software a little difficult. Still works really good though, I am genuinely impressed! LOL I cannot seem to say “!”. LOL, ex-cla-mation mark… I will post again soon, later!

3 thoughts on “Super Post-Hospital Multiple Sclerosis Update (Video)

  • May 26, 2012 at 2:03 am

    tiger balm… that stuff rocks! i'm serious…

    it's an ointment… chinese …. you can buy it most any store these days… wal mart, cvs, grocery stores, etc… it's like a muscle ache rubbing creme only way better and much more effective…and the smell isn't too bad (unlike the american varieties)

    i have the hug and lots of tightness in the intercostals… and my neck going up into the base of my skull as well…. no meds (narcos or OTC) have helped… but TIGER BALM works… wow

    if you decide to try it, get the tiger balm red… it's the best of the variety…

  • May 26, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Wow, nice to see you walking again!


  • May 26, 2012 at 7:50 am

    I have tried Tiger balm and bio freeze and it didn't help but that was a while ago so maybe I'll try tomorrow haha….

    And yes, not so great but I can get around without a stupid wheelchair so it's nice!


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