Palm Springs Stress Relief for MS


Trying to get back on track a bit with the blog but man is it hard to type right now! Fine motor skills are shot! Using one finger at a time for now but will tire out in a few more sentences and switch to my cruddy voice recognition software that is in dire need of a huge update…

ANYWAYS, Palm Springs. Thanks to my awesome MS Friends I was able to take two days off to hang out in Palm Springs. I just needed to get out of the house and experience some silence for a bit because I was loosing my freekin‘ mind at the house and my stress levels were through the roof!!!!


No I was not on some awesome party vacation, I seriously just slept in the hotel and watched movies in front of the A/C all day and night and it felt rather good because that is all I needed. Undisturbed silence. Oh, and I also got to spend some time walking in the pool! That was awesome because I didn’t feel like I had any balance issues, I could just walk! No cane, no wheel chair, just me and my legs.

So that really helped me get a huge gasp of much needed air so like I said, now I am just trying to get back on track but it is still hard… Not sure how to dump all the stress like I used to… I think I need to force myself to write, write, write, but if my hands do not improve I will HAVE to get the newest version of Dragon for Mac (Mac Speech Dictate) because right now typing drives me up the wall because I hit all the wrong keys and my voice recognition software is so old that I spend more time correcting it then I do writing… So because of this I never want to write even if I feel that I need to write… STRESS! UGH…

But thank you all again for helping me get out, 
it really helped me heal mentally! Thanks!


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