Dizzy, MS Hug, Pain, and Numbness

I feel horrible today, I am losing my mind! I am numb everywhere! My legs and arms and hands, they all feel numb, pins and needles, I don’t want to move and I don’t want to touch anything because it feels really irritating. No change in my hands, still so numb and I have no fine motor skills, still cannot type, trying to get this Dragon software to work but it’s rather frustrating.

My aunt and uncle are getting me the newest version of Dragon and I cannot wait for it! It will be nice to be able to just talk about whatever I want to talk about and not have to go over one paragraph 1,000,000 times to fix all of the spelling errors! I don’t even remember what I want to talk about because I have to fix all the errors right now!

Man my stomach and chest are so tight, stupid MS Hug, I feel like a car is parked on my chest right now, I want to throw up, I hate this! I need to eat but my stomach feels so tight that I just can’t do it…

Oh yeah, my ability to tell the difference between hot and cold has got worse. In the shower today I could not tell that the water was hot, it was weird, the water against my skin felt painful but not hot. I do not know how to explain it… It was just plain old painful, I will have to spend some time thinking about how to put this one into words. For now, it was like sweet without a cherry, lemon, or grape flavor, just sweet, just pain…

Numbness is kind of spreading everywhere, well it is a combination of numbness and pins and needles, really hard to explain as well… Usually it’s just in my hands and forearms, and by usually I mean since I got out of the hospital, but today I can feel it in my legs as well.

Man this MS hug is killing me! It burns as well! Not sure if I’ve had this before, but my chest literally feels like I am too close to a fire pit, it burns…

I have to go, I need to lay down for a bit or something, too much pain and too much frustration trying to type. I’m losing my mind!

Oh wait, I keep forgetting, for the last few days the tips of my fingers have been killing me! It feels like when you cut your fingernails to short and then just touching anything anywhere around at your finger tips is excruciating! That’s how all my fingers feel and I actually thought for a minute that maybe I was chewing on them in my sleep but I’m definitely not… It’s neurological so typing and texting hurts so bad! I’ll be back tomorrow!

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  1. This breaks my heart. Sending you love.

  2. angela turvy says:

    I'm really sorry Matt, sending prayers your way it gets better. Reading your blog makes me realize how "lucky" I've been over the last 6 years with my MS. I really hope you feel better soon.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Try to get on tysabri, Matt. I hear very good things about it! Can't bear to hear this description. Think it is better than Rebif, even though I am on Rebif.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Love from me too!!
    Hope it will all change soon.
    Thanks for writing!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Matt,many doctors in Argentina were arrested (i watched on TV) cause they received US$$$$ for each pacient they put without criteria. on Novarts drug (Tisabry?)The thing is drugs are testing in people in south america!I´ll try Avonex:pain and flu 3 days a week.Take care! Copaxone didn´t work to us,I think.Sorry,it´s too late,and I can write well.Good luck.We have few choices,I´m concern about us and our indecisions…Good night, good mornig and good weekend.Dóris

  6. MS Cherokee says:

    Matt, I am so sorry to hear you're going through this, especially after just doing the steroids. 🙁 Reading all your symptoms though, I definitely understand why they wanted to keep you in the hospital. Crossing my fingers that this time they can chase the MonSter away for a while.

  7. Gail says:

    HI MATT so sorry to meet you here. Wish we hd rock 'n' roll' in common. Maybe we do
    Love you and I understand – wish that was a lie

  8. Olivia says:

    Hi there! I am numb everwhere too. I am cold with the air on and melting with it off!!! My neuro has plopped me on the poasible ms shelf, so I here is how I cope, yoga everyday, mdified wahls diet and meditation music on my pandora. I'm not all better, but the stress of nerve pain and wacko body is better …you are in my prayers. Hugs olivia

  9. Matt Allen G says:

    Thank you all! I have hopes of a new treatment I'll be talking about when I get out! SHHHHHHHH!

    Haha and thanks for the poem and dedication Judy :^b

    Sorry about the limbo Olivia, how long have you "been on the shelf"?

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